Radiance Hobart Counselling & Self-Development

Radiance Hobart Counselling & Self-Development is a private counselling and consultancy practice. We are located in southern Tasmania. The business is owned and operated by Dr. Pauline Enright. Pauline is an experienced, qualified mental health counsellor. Also, she is a supervisor, student assessor and a psychotherapist. Finally, she a qualified Enneagram teacher, Mindfulness therapist and philosopher. So her diverse background brings a unique richness to all her work.

The present business commenced on 1st July 2016. It replaced Hobart Counselling (2010) and Socratic Solutions (2004). Since then, these services have merged under the new name. And while the name has changed, the same high-quality service has not.

Our Services

Counselling and Psychotherapy services restore mental and emotional health. Self-Development courses enhance, protect and preserve wellbeing. To know more, see Enneagram, Mindfulness and Philosophy.

Importantly, we work with private individuals and groups to enhance their quality of life in many different ways. Likewise, we work with workplaces of all types at all levels.

Businesses, organisations, government and non-for-profit benefit by taking care of their staff. By providing counselling, they are exercising a duty of care. Equally important is training in behaviour, communication and stress management.  These skills help staff to reach their optimum. And when businesses show that they value their employees, staff are happier and more efficient. It follows that workplaces benefit also. As you would expect, they have less sick leave, improved outcomes and a better bottom-line.

Follow the links throughout the website to discover what we can do for you. Not only do we have courses ready to run, but we can tailor them to your specific needs. So do get in touch if you think we can help you.

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