Groups buttonMany people find Group Counselling helpful. Talking over problems or learning with others makes you feel less alone. You then feel supported knowing there are others who feel like you.

Moreover, sharing experiences makes you feel connected and stronger. If you like discussing problems and learning new skills with others, you may benefit from one of our Group Counselling courses.

Group Counselling

Talking in groups gives clients opportunities to shares ideas and experiences. Some people find this easier than talking to a counsellor by themselves. That’s because you feel less exposed as an individual. And when others in the group encourage you, the way forward is easier.

This does not mean that you could not see a counsellor by yourself between group sessions. Once you have gained confidence in the group, you might feel up to a one-to-one session, especially if you’re struggling a lot. See Individual Counselling

People attending Group Counselling discuss, learn and share feedback. Hearing what it’s like for someone else expands your understanding. As participants’ skills develop, the group becomes more positive about themselves and their future.

Group Counselling courses we offer are Mindfulness for Living and Mindfulness for Smokers. We also offer several self-development course, which you will find under the Courses tab.

If you are interested in any of our group courses, contact us and put your name down. We’ll let you know when we next schedule a course.

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