Mindfulness Testimonials from cards, emails, letters and evaluation forms tell you how clients feel after completing their Mindfulness training.

Mindfulness Testimonials 2020

Private Clients

‘I have learnt powerful and positive ways to distinguish between thoughts and feelings. What I have learnt has become a valuable and necessary part of my daily life. Thank you’ Jenny.

‘The course has given me another tool to help with stressful situations/ reactions. I now ‘bounce’ back much faster, have less physical reactions and am more aware earlier of any reactions’ Debra.

Mindfulness Testimonials 2019

Private Clients 2019 (1)

‘I liked the structured content, welcoming and warm Pauline, good having online access to recordings, flexible appointments. Very good content, appropriate timeline and progression. Excellent principles and explanation of meditation …. I started seeing Pauline and doing her course during a particularly busy and stressful time. I was ‘coping’ with life and still seemed to be functioning well but this course was exactly what I needed. Taking time to meditate and practise intensively has taken me from ‘coping’ to ‘thriving’ in life. I have learned so much about myself and our capacity to improve our own levels of stress and happiness from within. Thank you!’ Juliette.

‘My stress levels and quality of life have definitely improved from using the techniques I learned during the course. I have improved my focus, become less reactive to situations and improved my communication skills’ Alice.

Private Clients 2019 (2)

‘I loved that I learned to manage stress by letting it go. The body scanning and mindfulness of breath was very useful. I also liked Loving Kindness. Especially, I came into this course after a traumatic event in my life and was completely unable to manage my stress levels and anxiety. 8 weeks later and I am so much more in control and I have ‘me’ back.  I highly recommend Pauline and this course. I have my life back!’ Kim.

‘… the overall course made me feel much better. I was suffering from bad stress and anxiety in my life. Pauline suggested the Mindfulness course and I decided to give it a go. Overall it has helped me so much and after only 8 weeks I feel like a different person. I am much better mentally and my stress and anxiety has reduced significantly’ Gemma.

‘Pauline has improved my life in ways that I wasn’t sure were possible, and has given me skills that will stay with me forever. MiCBT has shown me I do have the power to choose a happier life’ Clair.

Mindfulness Testimonials 2018

Private Clients 2018

‘I really enjoyed the daily meditation and all its benefits. Now I am able to  better manage my anxieties and reactions, becoming a calmer and more grounded person. Thank you Pauline’ Leah.

Mindfulness Testimonials 2017

Private Clients 2017

‘Not only has MiCBT literally saved my life, it has given me so much hope for the future. At the age of sixty it feels as if I am starting a new and better life. After so many hopes of help being dashed, this practice is the real thing and the answer to my prayers. Thank you Pauline’  Susan.

A client has recently completed a Mindfulness course. He wanted to keep his feedback written comments private to me (but they were very good …) though he was happy for me to say that the course has helped him to achieve his goals and be in a much better, happier place than the dark place he was in before starting the course.

‘My relationship with my mother has gone from being near non-existent to being a positive friendship with mutual understanding and love. In 6 weeks, my life has changed dramatically, from being suicidal and hopeless, to being optimistic and hopeful about everyday and the future’ Rosalie.

‘It [MiCBT] should be taught in schools  …..  Not only has MiCBT literally saved my life, it has given me so much hope for the future. At the age of sixty, it feels as if I am starting a new and better life. After so many hopes of help being dashed this practice is the real thing and the answer to my prayers. Thank you Pauline’ Susan.

‘Easier to be happy, clear, relaxed. This course changed my life!!!!!!!!!!’ Josie.

‘Mindfulness has taught me how to process my thoughts and experiences rationally and without judgement. I have learnt how to be compassionate towards myself’ Brian.

Mindfulness Testimonials 2017

CRCC Clients (Carers) 2017

‘Practicing Mindfulness brought calm for my everyday thinking and reacting to events and actions. {It helped} bringing things and their importance into perspective and more balance’ Milan.

‘I think my sleep and overall coping skills have improved. Now I have greater enjoyment in life, I think I am more confident about my ability to manage and change in the ways that I need to. Thankyou :-)’ Diane.

Mindfulness Testimonials 2016

Private Clients 2016 (1)

‘Most useful were increasing level of self-awareness through sessions & practice. I am much more aware of bodily sensations and how they affect my responses to my environment, and have a much calmer, more controlled state of being’ Ezra. 274

‘The scanning and breathing techniques are now used daily. At the beginning of the course I was struggling to know what I was feeling and not coping with work and home. Now I can manage my workload, understand how much I can cope with, and a have practical way of centring myself so I can successfully complete more tasks at home and work’ Yvette.

‘Every practice was helpful. Assertiveness techniques were excellent, body scanning and loving kindness meditation were also very effective. Most useful things: CDs being supplied as well as notes. I would definitely recommend MiCBT to others. Now I feel I have more control over my emotions and a feeling of calm, centredness when difficult situations and interactions arise. I feel I have practices that definitely help me to know what I feel at these times and help me know what is important to me in a way that does not cause suffering in others (hopefully)’ Lyn.

‘Before I started this course I was extremely anxious, had a low mood and no energy or motivation to do anything. I was feeling worthless, and by continually thinking thinking this, I was getting into a bad habit. This course has helped me to break from those thoughts and break the cycle that triggers my anxiety. I now have more energy and motivation. My eating habits have improved and I can better manage my anxiety and stress, and my mood has picked up. I used to have an average of 3 panic attacks a day. This has reduced to 0’ Samantha.

Private Clients 2016 (2)

‘I have become more “present” in my interactions with others. And I have felt “supported” and “safe” to speak about my issues with Pauline and learnt strategies to move forward’ Angela.

I will be recommending this course to all my family and friends as its one of the best things I’ve done in my life. Thanks so much for everything Pauline. You truly are inspirational. The light within me, sees the light within you!!!’ Nicky.

‘Throughout my MiCBT course I have learnt so may new techniques to deal with everyday life. During a period of time when my stress & anxiety levels were at their peak, MiCBT taught me skills to relax and refocus my mind and thoughts. It is now something I use everyday’ Naomi.

‘My stress levels have improved. I am sleeping better. I don’t just think works case scenario but think of the positives also. And I learnt lessons with communicating in difficult situations. This course helped me after a traumatic experience and how to get through with day to day life’ Tracey.

‘I think mindfulness therapy is for everyone. And I got so much out of this course. It is a fantastic way to get in touch with your “true” self. Pauline gives you all the skills required to live a healthy happy life and shows you how to maintain it (how wonderful). The mindfulness course is for everyone as I believe if you think you’re doing great, with this you can step it up a notch. Pauline is kind and knowledgeable but also empowers you to take responsibility for yourself. Enabling you to improve in all aspects of your life so you can be as good or as exceptional as you want to be!!!’ Lucy.

Mindfulness Testimonials 2015

Private Clients 2015 (1)

‘I liked the ability to gain control in a gentle way. An amazing transformation has taken place without me even realising it until I reflect back on how I was and how I am now. I have gained control of my life and my physical health has also improved. Thank you!’ Alison (evaluation form)

‘Thank you Pauline for teaching me skills which have already made a huge difference. I look forward now to the future, feeling in control and confident. And I will continue with the practice so that I may learn to cope with whatever life has in store’ Alison (card).

‘I will be recommending this course to all my family and friends as its one of the best things I’ve done in my life. Thanks so much for everything Pauline. You truly are inspirational. The light within me, sees the light within you!!!’ Nicky.

‘I think mindfulness therapy is for everyone. AndI got so much out of this course. It is a fantastic way to get in touch with your “true” self. Pauline gives you all the skills required to live a healthy happy life and shows you how to maintain it (how wonderful). The mindfulness course is for everyone as I believe if you think you’re doing great, with this you can step it up a notch. Pauline is kind and knowledgeable but also empowers you to take responsibility for yourself. Enabling you to improve in all aspects of your life so you can be as good or as exceptional as you want to be!!!’ Lucy.

Private Clients 2015 (2)

‘Pauline helped me through rough times from work related stress and personal issues and gave me skills to better manage my behaviour. I was in a very dark place, and now I have the skills to deal with everyday trauma. It has bettered my stress, self esteem and confidence’ Matthew.

‘I liked the flow of learning the various techniques. Even though I knew a bit about mindfulness before, putting it into practice with this well structured course and a very understanding counsellor, led me to realise some very crucial patterns in my behaviour that were no longer necessary in my life. Eye opening! Emma.

‘I liked the weekly sessions – time available for feedback and talking over issues. Especially I have found participation in this course has provided me with skills to help deal with the stressors of life. I like that these skills can be used in all my dealings and are not specifically targeted towards one problem. Thank you Pauline.’ Fiona.

‘I liked the daily meditation. This course has helped me manage my anxiety and stress created from a significant change in my life and has allowed me to become a better person to be around, a better husband and a better father.’ Adam.

‘I liked the discussion and insight re questions and answers. The structure and direction really helped me accomplish my goals – having a clear and structured routine and guidance through Mindfulness, with the opportunity to reflect back has been a massive improvement for me! Thanks! J Kaylyn.

Private Clients 2015 (3)

‘I liked that each week built on the last week. Also that each week I got a little bit more calmer in myself. I have been able to get out of my head – not listen to my thoughts and change them. And I am a lot calmer and feel fantastic in moving forward! I’ve learnt that I’m in control of my actions and changing the way I did certain things in my life. I love the way the meditation opens me up to a new day and the gratitude I get from that. I would love my whole family and friends to do the course’ Nicky.

‘I liked body scanning and learning how to relax. My mind has improved and I feel more capable of understanding and controlling my panic attacks’ Rebecca.

‘Most useful was the practice of Mindfulness each day, especially Mindfulness of Breath to help obsessive thoughts. MiCBT improved my reactions to stressful situations, my self-esteem. It helped me to control my obsessive thoughts and not react to them and it helped me through an extremely difficult period in my life’ Elena.

‘I liked the practical and achievable tools for everyday and the time to discuss theses and reflect with them. Yes, I would absolutely recommend MiCBT to others; I have and will continue to do so. Anxiety and stress have decreased dramatically. I find these tools help tremendously at work, in social situations and in my relationship. Now I am much more able to deal with stressors and move on from them, instead of constantly reacting negatively – life-long tools’ Hannah.

‘I liked the body scanning. Learning to be aware of myself has helped me to stay calm and realise that I don’t have to react so intensely if I don’t want to’ Melanie.

Private Clients 2015 (4)

‘Most useful was a thorough in depth look at the mindfulness practice/ techniques presented in a manner that facilitated understanding. I’ve gained a greater understanding of how to deal with difficult and stressful situations. My crisis management skills have improved markedly

‘Having the guided CD helped me a lot as I struggled to do the Mindfulness without it at first. It allowed me to feel more confident and willing to do my practice. Prior to starting MiCBT, I was depressed and anxious on a daily basis. Within 8-weeks I have seen a vast improvement. I am still managing the depression and anxiety. However, I feel more confident in myself and in the knowledge that I have tools to help me along the way’ Kylie.

‘I liked the instructive meditation CDs and doing examples of these in face-to-face sessions. Now I feel that my reactions at work are less reactive and more measured. There has been a positive shift when speaking with emotionally reactive people. I am not as emotionally hostile to their reactions as I once was’ Penny.

‘I believe the world could be a better place if we all did mindfulness therapy. You would definitely feel a lot better about yourself. It is really fascinating how an 8-week course can really alter your thought process and get you in contact with your true self. As much as I found this course hard it was also easy, as life has definitely improved dramatically. My family has a better me around!!! Your life can be really wonderful. Mine is since I don’t get caught up in my thoughts’ Sue.

Mindfulness Testimonials CRCC Clients (Carers) 2015

CRCC Clients 2015 (1)

‘The body scanning has helped in relaxing me – being in a group situation and hearing what others are going through has strengthened my resolve’ Elena.

‘I liked knowing how to relax and not to stress at those moments when it’s all too much. For I was very stressed with life in general as a carer and having to live with anxiety on a daily basis, but coming here has given me the know how to relax and be able to heal, as talking and having others also helps’ Robyn.

‘Most useful was the it helped me to keep up and realise my thoughtfulness. Things have improved as I am helped to handle my situation in a much better frame of mind’ Rex.

‘I liked that is made me more conscious of my thoughts and feelings, and found it useful in that I was able to make changes to my reactions. This course has helped me to feel more calm and rational in stressful situation, which also seems to influence others’ level of distress – my calmness is noticed by others, which is a real positive’ Mary.

CRCC Clients 2015 (2)

‘I’m less on edge, don’t fear the worst (not as much) plan less, more in the moment, more spontaneous (such improvement!) more open to the new, unexpected (such improvement!) Regular refreshers would be great’ David.

‘I liked that it encourages me to take time out for myself to do t. The course has certainly brought about an awareness of myself, which I cannot be 100% sure that I am really comfortable with. However, I do realise this is not a bad thing but rather something that actually needs to be addressed in order to live a healthier lifestyle’ Claire.

‘Most useful was the awareness that there are techniques to improve my quality of life while performing a stressful caring role. Improving my relationships with others and decreasing my reactivity to certain events and personalities. Recognition of the fact that I am not alone in this journey and that others have similar issues. Thank you!!!’ Jenny.

Mindfulness Testimonials 2014

Private Clients 2014

‘Mindful of breathing – helps in concentration, sleep, focus, thoughtful, approach and confidence. Everything was good. Thoughtful approach and confident’ Shah.

‘I found the content interesting and the exercises very helpful, without expectations of whether it would work. MiCBT has given me the confidence to trust my own thoughts and feelings and to accept what comes my way with calmness’ Michelle.

‘I liked learning techniques which assist me in being more objective in emotionally difficult situations. The idea of Mindfulness had been on my mind for a while because of the way I deal with people close to me. Practicing what I have learnt with Pauline has given me tools and insight into being more empathic and understanding and a better way of communicating’ Michael.

Mindfulness Testimonials 2014

Private Clients (free group course offered for Mental Health Week) 2014 (1)

‘The theory and practical elements were very enlightening and useful in ordinary life. If I had not participated in this course I would be a lot more desperate about my situation and less understanding of what I am experiencing. I am very glad to have done it. Thank you’ Emma.

‘I enjoyed how simple and common sense Mindfulness was. And I found all the activities useful in helping me keep calm and in the moment. I have found I’m better able to manage my depression and anxiety where as before I would spiral. Especially, I have used mindfulness to not react in negative ways in stressful situations. I have found the meditation and scanning really useful to relax and feel comfortable instead of tense all the time. And I enjoyed Pauline’s common sense approach! And understanding’ Kelly.

‘I like that I am now able to bring myself into the present. Yes, I definitely recommend this course. When an argument starts in my head I am now able to say that it’s not relevant to me in THIS now and I breathe and change direction. This is a very bad time of year for me but this year I was able to get through it so much easier thanks to the skills I have learned. If I had practised it daily I am sure I would have gained as much as others in the group. Thank you Pauline for your time and dedication to us’ Megan.

Private Clients (free group course offered for Mental Health Week) 2014 (2)

‘I am more compassionate and kind towards other humans than I was before. Now I am more trusting towards people I meet. I don’t react as much; my perception internally and externally has improved. This is the most valuable course I have done. I still need to improve my panic attacks’ Jasmina.

‘I liked the encouragement from the course for me to focus positively on facets of my which I had allowed to impact on me – negatively. Having been on a ‘cusp’, the course has overall promoted the opportunity to me for CHANGE. I was very happy to embrace the ideas presented, and feel that has enabled me the chance of serious development as a person – My life ‘view’ has broadened again and I am learning how to accept becoming ‘excited’ by experiences that life presents to me and to re-engage with learning and doing, ‘designing and realising’ – self-imposed restrictions on living are being discarded! Garry.

Mindfulness Testimonials 2014

CRCC Clients (Carers) 2014

‘Most useful was learning to control thoughts (negative), be in the moment, awareness of my body and reaction and pain management’. ‘That there is a positive way in managing stress in your mind and body and a positive way in managing pain. Very beneficial!’ Fran, sufferer of fibromyalgia

‘Most useful was learning to live for today (not past or future) and being able to relax myself.’ ‘The course was excellent and I learnt a lot.’ Julie.

‘Most useful was Mindfulness of Breath and the sweeping scan.’ ‘I thought it was a very valuable course. In the present time I benefitted most from the company and support while learning some tools to aid me.’ Alannah.

‘Highly relevant to every facet of our lives. I have felt an overall benefit, very grounding, getting in touch with my overall emotions and feelings, giving me tools to improve my health and the others that I care for and love’ Maria.

‘Most useful was learning to think constructively about issues you may have been going round and round.’ ‘My reaction was Good / Good. To think in the present – not past and future, not taking hurtful ‘stuff’ from others to heart.’ Judy.

‘Most useful for me was learning how to relax and to have a CD to listen to, to help with relaxing’. ‘This course was very helpful. It showed me how to stay in the present and not take on guilt.’ Maureen.

‘Most useful was the relaxed way the course was conducted. Learning how to use the methods of Mindfulness to go through daily life on an equal level.’ ‘Lot of things in the course that one know already but re-inforced by Mindfulness puts all in perspective.’ Regina.

‘Most useful was the company of other carers. The whole course was very good’ Colleen.

Mindfulness Testimonials 2013

Swan Care Clients 2013 (1)

‘The different tools will be useful both in work and at home. I will continue with the practice – absolutely. I think I will only improve with practice’ Pauline, Care Centre Manager.

‘Provided me with some skills to help deal with stress both at work and in my personal life. Also provided a good validation that I generally do handle stress quite well. I feel the techniques of Mindfulness will be very helpful to me. I enjoyed the course and found if very beneficial. It was very good to spend quality time with work colleagues in a non-threatening environment’ Graham, CEO.

‘Gave me skills to cope with stress – Mindfulness practices. I intend to continue with the practice I have learned, to maintain an emotionally healthy lifestyle. Very soft and gentle approach to a topic that can be confronting’ Julie, General Manager.

‘I enjoyed the relaxed state I felt at the conclusion of both days – thank you! Now I will go home and practice and try to achieve a meditative state. Thank you Pauline for providing something different to experience and hopefully tools to provide a less stress lifestyle. Thank you again!’ Karen, Executive Assistant.

‘I liked owning my own feelings and knowing that I have the opportunity to act on them in a positive way. Certainly I wasn’t expecting what the course was about but I’m glad I had the opportunity to experience it’ Mick.

Swan Care Clients 2013 (2)

‘It was useful to learn about the power of the mind and the ability to use that power to improve our health. I would definitely recommend this course to others. I will continue with the practices as I feel it will help both myself and my family’ Leanne, Manager, Admissions.

‘Satisfied. I was able to reflect on how I could improve my well-being’ Mark, Manager, Care Centre.

‘It was useful to learn dealing with stress through breathing and scanning techniques. And it has been a worthwhile couple of days. I believe it will help with stressful situations at work and in personal life’ Paul, IT Manager.

‘Most useful was practicing the concepts and tools and feeling such immediate benefit! I would absolutely recommend it to others. And I will continue with the practice because it’s time for me to control my stress and because I believe it will work. Pleasantly surprised and pleased. I would absolutely recommend this course.’ Deborah, Manager Quality & Compliance.

‘I liked the tools to start meditation. It will help me in my day to day resilience. Very positive’ Fiona, HR Manager.

‘I would definitely recommend it to others. Now I really understand how beneficial this can be and I am determined to continue. Excellent – exceed my expectations!’ Gary, Chief Finance Officer.

‘I liked the practical application of the tools. It was great – and I can see practical applications for work and home life’ Natalie, General Manager, Retirement Living.

Mindfulness Testimonials 2011

Private Clients 2011

‘I liked being instructed to become more Mindful which helped me to have more self-control. The course helped me be more aware of everything’ John.

‘I liked the new skills learnt and coping strategies. The course gave me a new level of emotional maturity and awareness of myself. It allowed me to believe in myself more, increased my confidence and value and to push forward instead of sometimes avoiding. I have a greater acceptance of others and increased non-judgmental awareness’ Christine.

Mindfulness Testimonials 2012

CRCC Clients (Carers) 2012

‘There were open and honest discussions between the people involved. I’m definitely a lot calmer in distressing situations – a little way still to go. I would definitely recommend this course to others’ Anita.

‘Very helpful, sets the day off. Makes me laid back and strong. Benefit is ongoing – not just at the course. Feel less frustrated, more accepting. Have lost a lot of anxiety. Used to cry a lot but do not any more. Has given me tools to cope with my situation’ Anne.

‘I liked the opportunity to discuss problems, most important, and the use of the CDs. It made me think about why I had certain reactions and so helped me to deal with them’ Wally.

Mindfulness Testimonials 2012

SwanCare Clients (Nurses) 2012

‘Things I found most useful were learning about the cycle of reactivity, the distinction between being un-reactive and unresponsive, Mindfulness techniques and the background information and context’ Tess.

‘I found all of the information useful’ Simon.

‘It was useful to know how to deal with stress and conflict’ Phil.

‘I learned how to handle and relax in stressful situation’ Lissa.

‘It was useful to know how to reduce stress within myself’ Ross.

‘I learned different ways of dealing with stress in practical ways’ Julie.

‘Very good presentation’ Jack.

‘I liked the guidance through the body scan. I most definitely think that learning more about Mindfulness would be of value to my work’ Heather.

‘It was useful to help with relaxation. I can do the relaxation practice to reduce stress and help with self-awareness’ Richard.

‘I liked most and found most useful the meditation’ Sunita.

‘It was useful learning how to deal with stress. I’ve learnt how to relax more in stressful situations. The presenter was very good’ Maria.

‘The presenter was very good and informative’ Norma.

‘I liked learning to meditate and ‘let go’ Nadia.

‘The presenter was knowledgeable and informative. I learned about deep breathing and how to walk away and not take on board others’ issues’ Sarah.

‘Presenter was very helpful and knowledgeable. I learnt how to de-stress the right way’ Lydia.

‘The presenter was excellent’ Paul.

Mindfulness Testimonials 2011

CRCC Clients (Carers) 2011 (1)

‘I have just completed an 8-week course in understanding and developing mindful understanding by Dr Pauline Enright. And I feel this course has been very beneficial to me, as enabling me to mentally accept my past and prepare myself for situations yet to be. I know there are many more people this course could help and would recommend this help to continue. Dr Pauline Enright also was able to present the information extremely well.’ Yours Sincerely, Allan.

‘Calming, objective, feel safe, centred. It was a fast course, compacted but really enjoyed it. Definitely very helpful. Gave a more relaxed way with less brooding. More potential in life’ Christine, recovering from brain surgery.

‘It as presented well and easy to follow and comprehend. And It was taken step by step and with time between each session, we had time to the knowledge in. I was able to understand my mind better. And I learned to empty space so I could understand easier other things (de-clogging my mind), the steps to meditate’ Alan.

CRCC Clients (Carers) 2011 (2)

‘Easy to understand. Quick results with regular practice. I would certainly recommend it. Good, useful components’ Celia.

‘The counselling was useful because it helped me to identify problems and stress-inducing areas. Learning the MiCBT strategies/ techniques enabled me to recapture a meaningful life. Also useful was sharing in a sympathetic group’. I wish I could have known about the course 5 years ago when, as a full-time carer, I had allowed myself to become very stressed and anxious. This course helps one to analyse what is happening in the mind, in the emotions and in the body, and provides a way to become effective in dealing with others, as well as in one’s own life’ Annette.

‘Most useful was learning techniques to help with everyday stresses and group discussions with our teacher. I now have the tools I need to use to help me cope with different difficult situations in my life. This course gave me these tools! I have recommended this course to others. Thank you’ Gay.

‘Useful was learning about and maintaining a calm and balanced mind state. A very helpful and positive experience’ Nicholas.

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