The Enneagram at Work is a professional development training course for workplaces. It is designed to promote understanding, improve communication, and foster inclusiveness and appreciation.

Some workplaces have toxic behaviour problems, such as bullying, apathy or manipulation. When workplaces are under stress, employees often mismanage emotions, fail to communicate properly or withhold vital information. Improving understanding and communication can be the first step to remedying things.

The Enneagram at Work

The Enneagram at Work will help keep your workplace culture thriving. The right staff training and professional development opportunities are crucial to keeping your workplace healthy and safe.

The Enneagram at Work illuminates poor behaviour resulting from personality mismanagement. The Enneagram model of personality will show you how this happens. You will learn about the typical behaviours of each personality type that might be causing problems. You then have a head start in fixing them!

Behaviours that damage workplaces include aggression, apathy, bullying, dishonesty, over-reactivity, pessimism and more. When these occur, people leave or go off sick. Morale, efficiency, and profits decline.

Learning how to manage our personality traps and promote our personality gifts changes workplaces from toxic and stalled to positive and thriving. Training in personality understanding and behaviour management is a sensible investment for workplaces to make.

When barriers to efficiency are removed, staff are happier and their work improves. Instead of being toxic, workplaces are happy and supportive. Productivity increases. Everyone benefits!


The Enneagram at Work is delivered in 4 workshops for five to eight hours each. There are pair and group discussions, workbooks and between session activities. Pre and post course assessments and 1-1 interviews will identify problems and show progress. The course can be tailored to suit your workplace needs. If you don’t want the full program, a 2-hour introduction will give you a good overview of the system and the nine types.

Twelve participants are ideal for interaction, discussion and support, but other numbers can be negotiated.

The Enneagram at Work is suitable for all levels and types of workplaces – leaders, managers, staff and teams – businesses, organisations and government. Especially worthwhile for team-building.

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If behaviour problems are holding your workplace back, or you want to foster a more vibrant, positive culture, The Enneagram at Work is what you need. Get in touch with us below to organise a programme for your workplace.

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