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What is Couples Counselling?

Couples Counselling (relationship counselling or marriage counselling) is counselling for two people in an intimate relationship who are having problems. The couple may or may not be living together. Further,  the couple could be heterosexual, homosexual, married, divorced, de-facto, separated, or single. We do not discriminate and are open to helping you all.

If your relationship is floundering, Couples Counselling may be the help you need to get things rosy again. Counselling can help you go behind the scenes and reveal what you’re missing. Especially, if things aren’t like they used to be, talking things over with a counsellor could bring things to the surface that you might have been avoiding.

Sometimes only one partner comes to counselling. This might help, as the person may change or learn useful skills. And then, if this influences the relationship positively, the other party might be motivated to come.

In addition to attending together, one or both parties might also attend Individual Counselling.

Common Difficulties that bring Couples to Counselling include:

  • Trust breakdown
  • Betrayal or infidelity
  • Depression or illness
  • Aggression or violence
  • Poor or hostile communication
  • Unmanageable children or family problems

Couples might want help to mend their relationship or to end it. For intimacy and sexual difficulties, they need help from a specially trained sex therapist. If they want to part, they might want help to work out what’s best for the children.

What Happens at Sessions?

We help couples by exploring their problems with them, listening to each side, and working together to find solutions. More specifically, each party gets a chance to tell their story from their point of view, while the other person listens. After hearing what each person has to say, we then try to find common ground and a common approach to the problem(s). Importantly, we strive to find realistic goals, and a plan to achieve them. In most cases, activities to carry out between sessions will be set. Of course, every case is different, so this overview is general.

Quite often, couples will be suffering from stress, which is either causing their difficulties, or caused by them. To help them manage stress and improve the relationship, I might recommend Mindfulness training. This can be incorporated into the couples therapy. Accordingly, each session would consist of feedback and new learning. Moreover, the more dedicated and committed each party is, the more successful they are in achieving their goals. If you want to know more about Mindfulness, see About Mindfulness.

Another issue that can cause difficulties in relationships is personality. Understanding each other’s personalities can make a big difference in how well you get on together. To know more about this, see About The Enneagram.

See also downloadable PDF: About Couples Counselling 2019

If you’re having problems with your loved one, contact us now and get things back on track. You can book your session directly via the On-Line Booking Calendar. I hope to hear from you soon.

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