Mindfulness for Living is a group course that teaches Mindfulness and other skills to manage stress and difficult situations. Having the right skills to manage stress is crucial to good health and living well.

Mindfulness for Living

Mindfulness for Living draws on MiCBT (Mindfulness-integrated-Cognitive Behaviour Therapy). This means that the course teaches you both practical stress-management skills, as well as clearer thinking skills. Especially, this course is for people experiencing serious or average stress, or who just want to prevent or minimise stress.

We know that most people experience stress in their life. This is quite normal. In fact, some stress is good as it motivates us to action and we get things done. But too much stress or the wrong kind of stress is very unhealthy and can lead to all kinds of physical illnesses and thinking disorders.

When you think about it, conditions, like addictions, anxiety, depression, phobia and trauma are all stress-based. Mindfulness practice is a drug-free way to manage and overcome them.

Course Delivery

Mindfulness for Living is delivered in eight weekly 2-hour sessions. More specifically, each week, you learn new Mindfulness skills. You also learn other self-management skills, like assertiveness, communication and managing difficult situations and people.

To start with, you have a brief pre-course interview to ensure that the course is right for you. And later, during the course, you have a 1-1 session. This is so that you can talk over your problems in more depth. You can also arrange more 1-1 sessions if you need extra help or support.

Your commitment is to attend all sessions and to carry out your practice of Mindfulness meditation twice daily for 30-minutes during the course and carry out weekly activities. Keeping up your practice afterwards will ensure that you don’t relapse.

To help you carry our your daily meditations, you have the choice of access to on-line recordings or CDs. As well, you receive notes about what you learn at each session, so you can keep track. Importantly, at each session you share feedback about your practice. In fact, you’ll find that learning in a group gives you encouragement and support. Especially, hearing about others’  progress helps keep you motivated and on track.

Course Participants

 Mindfulness for Living is for people who want to manage stress and reactivity. It will help people with addictions, anxiety, fears, phobias and more.

You don’t have to be suffering from a serious condition to benefit. By doing this course, you will better manage the stresses of everyday life. And you will be able to handle difficult situations as they arise. To be sure, you will gain valuable skills and feel so much better.

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