Enneagram Testimonials

Since beginning teaching the Enneagram in 2004, I have received many Enneagram Testimonials from clients. As well as gaining vital knowledge, clients indicate that their relationships and in fact, their whole lives change for the better. Moreover, a  consistent message I receive is that ‘everyone should know the Enneagram.’ Ideally, this is true, but it is also true that not everyone is ready for or open to receiving the insight the Enneagram has to offer. Especially, you need to be in the right ‘head and heart space’ to listen, hear, and receive its wisdom.

The following Enneagram Testimonials come variously from cards, letters, emails and evaluation forms. So far, participants in Enneagram trainings include private, workplace, adult education, government, NFP and business. A few extra headings have been added to improve the page’s SEO rating. Around 98% of names below are clients’ own names, and about 1-2% are pseudonyms at clients’ requests.

Enneagram Testimonials 2024

“ I loved everything – break-out sessions could be after ‘all types’ were spoken about ….  To put is simply, this course has been nothing short of transformative for me. I found immense value in the teachings. Being able to participate was made possible only through the subsidy that was provided to me, and I cannot thank you enough for making this accessible. The impact of the Enneagram on both my professional practice and personal growth has been profound. I am embarrassed to say that I was worried about it being “woo woo” and not science-based enough. However, I’ve already begun incorporating its principles into my counselling services, witnessing first-hand the positive changes it brings to both me and my clients. The insights and knowledge gained have elevated my understanding and approach to therapy in ways I hadn’t imagined.

In reflecting on the course and its presenter, Pauline Enright, I am wanting to express and share that the immense value she delivers and the invaluable wisdom I gained, was disproportionate to what I paid. Especially when I compare this experience to other professional development opportunities I have engaged with, the Enneagram course stands out as uniquely impactful. Despite the significant investment in other programs, none have resonated with me or contributed to my practice as meaningfully as this one,” Tara.

“I liked exploring the often-mentioned framework that I had not unpacked for quite some years. I am grateful for the opportunity to take part in this course. It was solidly packed with resources and the small groups made the journey process not only interesting but real and more tangible. Quite a few of my clients have utilised the framework through the years so it is good to refresh my understanding and deepen the detail for my practice,” Alex.

“I enjoyed the content, learning about the various factors that go into understanding the personality types Also at the end of the course, the true purpose of the Enneagram is revealed, it provided me with a sense of relief. The explanations of the types in each module helped me to become more clear about the types …. I thoroughly enjoyed the Enneagram course. The in-depth explanation and knowledge that Pauline provides helped me to clarify my type, and with that, found it very insightful. Before starting the course, I had some understanding of the Enneagram, however this course is paced and structured in a way that the information being delivered is easy to understand and simultaneously thought provoking,” Kate.

“ I liked the format, logical, focusing on key points. Most useful was the notes (a lot of work had gone into those!) … I am so pleased I had the opportunity to do Pauline’s Enneagram course. Her easy-to-understand presentation of a complex subject gave me so much insight into myself and others. It has cleared up so many things I have observed about myself and given practical ways to grow and integrate,” Darren.

“It was very profound and thorough. It enabled me to understand myself better and other personality types. I am hoping it will help me to support future clients as a counsellor …. Pauline has shown me different sides of my personality and helped me understand how to become the best of who I am. I have thoroughly enjoyed it, especially the last module, including spirituality and personality. Thank you for supporting so many in discovering who they are,” Marianne.

Enneagram Testimonials 2023

‘As I came into the course with zero knowledge of the Enneagram I found all aspects useful. Being able to identify types is interesting and I will continue to enjoy the journey as I cement all of this new knowledge over the upcoming months  ….  I have benefitted from the knowledge and sharing around not only the Enneagram and all of it’s components, but from the knowledge, experience and skills that Pauline and the other group attendees were so happy to share. I found the whole experience of the course to be enlightening, at times surprising and challenging in a positive way. I have learned more about myself, my family members and work colleagues through knowledge of the types and will build on that knowledge as I follow up with further learning on the subject. Thank you Pauline for your open, approachable and knowledgeable manner’ Deb.

‘Thank you, Pauline, for walking us through the complexities of the Enneagram. If you are interested in a journey of self-discovery or interested in how you can better work with others the Enneagram is an interesting tool that takes into account the complexities of humans. This course can help start you on this journey’ Sally.

‘ The course expanded my knowledge of the nuances influencing the different personality types and depth around activities’ Eric.

Enneagram Testimonials 2022

‘I found the Enneagram course to be life changing. It allowed me to re-write my childhood and re-examine my self-identity in a very profound way. I am grateful for the opportunity to learn about what makes me who I am and understand those who played(ed) an important role in my life. Everyone should know and understand the Enneagram system’ Carmen.

‘Dr Pauline Enright’s Enneagram for Living Course was really valuable and helpful to me.  Before doing it, I was searching for explanations of what has happened in my life and why I behaved as I did, especially in response to difficult situations and relationships.  The Course gave me the answers I was looking for.  Most significantly, it  guided me to what I need to focus on in order to respond more effectively to life’s challenges.  If you are also on a journey of self-discovery – or in a place of pain and suffering – or just wanting to understand why other people behave as they do – then I thoroughly recommend that you attend Dr Pauline’s Enneagram for Living Course.  It could be one of the most enlightening experiences of your life, just as it has been for me’ David.

‘I have struggled with certain behaviours. The Enneagram has provided me with great insight into these, the triggers, and also how to prevent them and be more aware. It has already benefited all my relationships. Thank you Pauline’ Danni.

‘Following completion of the Enneagram course, I feel awakened to the truth of my self. I can clearly see where my personality plays out in my life and now know what I need to do to achieve greater balance and harmony’ Anika.

‘The Enneagram journey has given me a deeper understanding of all the little pieces that make the people around me tick. Learning the difference between personality type challenges versus nature and nurture has been very helpful. This course has integrated my previous self-development work, spirituality and lived experience to complete the gaps that have been there since childhood. Thank you, Pauline for guiding me on another journey of improvement and self-discovery’ Lucy.

‘It has made me aware that I was slipping down and helped me identify between my real and fantasy worlds. I feel I am seeing situations clearer and deeper. I am more understanding of others’ Peta.

Enneagram Testimonials 2020 (1)

These Enneagram Testimonials were provided from clients attending a private group course. The last two sessions were held over Zoom due to COVID-19.

‘This course was VERY eye-opening and has allowed me to better understand and accept my friends, family and colleagues, as well as recognise why they do things the way they do. As well, it provided strategies for self-improvement and self-development. Pauline is a great teacher and provides a wealth of knowledge about The Enneagram. For these reasons, I would highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to understand themselves and the people around them on a deeper level …. Unlike other things I have read, this course actually provided ways for people to improve the more negative aspects of their type but also how to flourish’ Edwina.

‘I feel the course has opened my eyes to my own personality type, which I was not really sure of until the last day … and how it interacts with others. Indeed, it has given me the tools to work on myself and better understand others’ Alicia.

Enneagram Testimonials 2020 (2)

‘The Enneagram is an amazing journey of self-discovery. It provides a structured and logical framework for understanding not only your own patterns of behaviours, but those of everyone you have contact with  – family, friends and colleagues. The result is the ability to come to terms with both yourself and others, and consequently, live a more harmonious and mindful life. Highly recommended …. As a retiree with time available, the course very much filled a need/ want in my life now, to get to know and understand my deep self better. A wonderful spin off has been the revelation of learning how others tick as well. I only wish I had known about the Enneagram many years ago to enhance my role as a teacher’ Mary.

‘Signing up with Pauline was a great choice for me to do my Enneagram Course with, she was very knowledgeable on all parts of the topic and happy to share her knowledge, experiences both personal and professional. I would highly recommend this course as I have learnt so much about myself and I believe it will not only help me personally, but down the track with my study in Diploma of Counselling. My clients will benefit from it greatly as it will help me to have a feel for what might be troubling them, as well as identify their differences and vulnerabilities. Thank you Pauline for opening this door of insight for me and I look forward to future courses with you’ Kim.

Enneagram Testimonials 2019

These Enneagram Testimonials were provided from clients attending a private group course.

Private Group Course 2019

‘Not only was it was systematic, well organised and clearly sequenced, it was also paced appropriately. And this aided me retaining the concepts. In addition, I found that the course was well structured and really well directed toward self-knowledge and growth. Consequently, I came away with a really clear idea of goals I needed to keep improving. Also I feel a lot more of an ability to self-care’ Simon.

‘Especially I liked the other participants and lovely host! And useful was the very comprehensive nature of the model. If you are seeking a way to better understand yourself in relation to others, then I highly recommend this course in the essential Enneagram. Thanks Pauline’ Sue.

‘Indeed, most useful was to re-identify with who I am and to learn to be more objective in how I interpret things. Additionally, I can see another’s behaviours and actions more clearly. And to really accept them for exactly who they are because I understand more fully how they operate’ Andrea.

‘However, being a (2) Helper, I found that I was/ am being neglecting myself and being/ becoming a reclusive. And so, most useful was the fellowship – and understanding myself’ Graham.

‘Particularly most useful was finding out and learning about my personality and characteristics. And I have learned the positives and negatives (healthy and unhealthy levels) of my type. So will continue to aim for a balanced and healthy Me’ Jean.

Enneagram Testimonials 2018

These Enneagram Testimonials were provided from clients attending a private group course.

Private Group Course 2018

‘In particular, things I liked were Power point presentation, Pauline’s presentation style, cards at the end of each session – matching healthy behaviour, average and unhealthy’ Sujata.

‘On the one hand, I liked how the Enneagram strives to categorise behaviour and the workshop helped by bouncing ideas off others. On the other, by understanding what personality I may be, I can reflect back upon my behaviour. That means I can better identify habits I would like to change or improve upon. Most of all, it has armed me with tools to improve my self-development’ Alex.

‘Undoubtedly very insightful. As a result, feelings of contentment arise from a foggy view towards a somewhat clearer space’ Cliff.

‘Especially, I liked understanding myself, hopefully the ability to learn more. And to apply the Enneagram principles to understanding what makes me and other people ‘tick’ Shaun.

Enneagram Testimonials 2017

These Enneagram Testimonials were provided from clients attending a private group course.

Private Group Course 2017

‘Above all, a realisation of my healthy and unhealthy traits and my personal ability to rectify them. So, thank you to Pauline for her knowledgable delivery of this important information’ Clare.

‘Particularly, the Enneagram course has given me a greater understanding of myself, others and our interactions’ Robert.

Enneagram Testimonials 2015

These Enneagram Testimonials were provided from clients attending a private group course.

Private Group Course 2015 (1)

‘In fact, I would thoroughly recommend this to others – most helpful course I have done! Not to mention how I have become more tolerant of others – in their responses/ thoughts and understanding some of the reasoning. In particular, it has allowed me to accept others and judge less because of knowing their personality type’ Penny.

‘On the one hand, I found out where I go to when I’m unhealthy and how I can put a stop to it before I really go down. On the other, how much I was in my head – to stop the “self-talk” so much … it is a wonderful tool!!! So now I feel more confident – as I’m not so much in my head. In particular, I feel free from all the brain blab. And I can pick myself up to a healthy level when I see myself going down the unhealthy track. Thank you so much for everything Pauline’ Nicky.

‘Particularly, talking in a group helped. Further, the discussion activities were very helpful. Mostly, I got insights into my behaviours. And I love the biscuits and muffins – they were great. Really, everything was great … the people in the course were fantastic. Moreover, I would say the course was very helpful to give people good direction in life. And in doing the course I understand myself more. Especially I learned how I can lead females/ males on with my eyes when I am just being myself. Really, this is where confusion can come in with both parties. But, now I can break this confusing pattern by explaining what is happening to both people. In short, eyes are the windows to a people’s soul’ Barry.

Private Group Course 2015 (2)

‘To summarise, the Enneagram has been a mind opener for me. Especially, it has helped me understand myself more and my relationships with others. Finally, it has been a fascinating, insightful journey and my learning will be life-long. So, I highly recommend it’ Eileen.

‘Importantly, an insightful look at personality types and behavioural patterns – a systematic approach to observing the self’ Fiona.

‘Especially, I liked having the tools to look at myself when I’m unhealthy and getting the information on how I can help myself out. Seriously, I think it is a brilliant course. And I have a better understanding of myself and other people around me. Finally, it has helped me find solutions to when situations arise in my and in a much easier way! So, keep up this fantastic work Pauline – you are making a huge difference in people’s lives’ xxx Nicky.

‘In summary, it gave me guidance to be more happy with myself (advice, tools etc) to find myself. Really, everything was great.  Overall then, it is a great course. Being over a long period and my memory is not good. But the course was very beneficial to help my emotional wellbeing and understand myself a lot better. So, I definitely recommend it to anyone struggling to understand life’ Glen.

Comments on the Spiritual Enneagram 2015

‘Mostly, I liked having greater understanding of self and the most useful direction of development. Plus positive about being able to change. Furthermore, Pauline presented the course clearly, with insightful, kind and encouraging communication with everyone’ Kerry.

‘Indeed Module 10 – excellent discovery and more information on the Spiritual Enneagram and what it entails. Albeit, after a 3-year break since the last course, I believe I have been subconsciously using the thoughts’ Teresa.

‘Mostly, I liked having greater awareness of self. In addition, having an understanding why I might make certain decisions because of my type. Actually,  I came to the course because I wanted to know why I did what I did sometimes. Now that I’ve learnt that, I understand myself and others so much better. Although it hasn’t changed me or them, it has given me greater patience in dealing with others and a greater acceptance of myself and them. Altogether, it’s been great, thank-you’ Sarah.

‘Now, this course has provided me with a practical knowledge base to help me align daily living with a grounded emotional state. And therefore increased happiness’ Fiona.

‘Especially, I liked beginning to really look at myself, especially the negative or lower level of defensive reactions. So, what has been exposed to me has been most helpful’ Pam.

Enneagram Testimonials 2014

These Enneagram Testimonials were provided from clients attending a workplace team development course.

Workplace Team Development Course 2014

‘Above all, I liked in depth look at all personality types, self-reflection re personality type, levels, cues and wake up calls. So this would be good for personal development’ Lorraine.

‘As a matter of fact, for one thing, I liked learning about myself more and learning about my closer co-workers (my team). And it’s helpful to understand where your co-workers are come from (they really are not from Mars!). So, thank-you for you patience with the many discussions that went over time! Michelle.

‘Mostly, I liked identifying and seeing the differences in work colleagues. Accordingly, it has provided thought into my own behaviour/ personality and what traits I unknowingly present to people’ Kev.

‘Really, what I liked most was finding out what types my team are. And I thought it was useful. However, insightfulness is something I don’t usually have the time for, so some self-reflection was good’ Jayne.

‘Importantly, it encourages reflection for positive change’ Ruth.

‘Actually, I liked understanding the different personalities, besides room to change for the better in my behaviour’ Paul.

‘Especially, it forces an analysis of self and others around you, and helps develop an awareness of how you behaviour can impact others’ Peter.

Enneagram Testimonials 2013

These Enneagram Testimonials were provided from clients attending a workplace team development course.

Workplace Team Development 2013

‘In fact, it’s all good. Besides, an excellent presentation by Pauline. And all very interesting’ Cathy.

‘Now the session was interesting and thought provoking. So, thank you Pauline’ Tracy.

‘As a matter of fact, I found it all very interesting and will be able to find out more about the Enneagram’ John.

‘Besides, I liked finding out about my personality. So, very good!’ Cassie.

‘As well, I liked everything. Above all, very informative’ Don.

‘In particular, I was well satisfied with the whole program. And well-presented!’ Ian.

‘All over, very satisfied and useful’ Gregg.

‘Actually, I liked knowledge on personality and how it is relevant. And the Enneagram sorting test was fascinating. Also, presentation was interesting and presented in a professional way. So, much appreciated’ Harry.

‘Really, I liked the Enneagram – it’s amazing to see how it all comes together’ Kerry.

‘Especially I liked the thorough cover of all the personalities. Furthermore, Pauline has been a great communicator’ Jenny.

‘In fact, I find the Enneagram intensely interesting, useful in and of itself. Also, the course provided me with a better understanding and the workbooks are great. So, although I feel there is a lot of study ahead of me, right now I also feel excited about applying this knowledge in my own life. Thank you very much Pauline (and for the delicious catering)’ Barbara.

Enneagram Testimonials 2012

This Enneagram Testimonial was provided by a client attending a private personal course.

Private Group Course 2012

‘Now, the module well prepared and good power-points. Also, good general discussion and further advice when questions. And Pauline has very good knowledge and is methodical in delivering the course … So, great preparation and delivery and interaction in group and individual exercises’ Teresa.

Enneagram Testimonials 2011

These Enneagram Testimonials were provided from clients attending a private group course, a workplace team development course and and adult education course.

Private Group Course 2011

‘Really loved all of it. Very interesting. Besides, helpful to understand myself and other members of my family’ Celia.

‘In summary, I think this is a very effective tool in assessing one’s own state and how this impacts others. As well, it is all interesting and useful’ Margaret.

‘Helpfully, it clarified that a personality type can display itself in quite different people’ Adrian.

‘Besides, this was interesting just as a reminder that there are things about ourselves and others that no-one know about. However, it made me aware of some weaknesses that I can work on to improve myself. In short, a lot of info but generally pretty useful’ John.

‘Clearly, excellent organisation of material – easy to follow, with information presented economically. In addition, it was so helpful to have the opportunity to delve into the world of personality and self-awareness’ Steph.

‘In particular, this was a wonderful presentation, visuals and the booklets provided. Especially stimulating and professional! Also, wonderful teaching and interesting students. All in all, very useful information. For now, I need to continue with the excellent material provided. However, I am interested in the ‘spiritual’ segment in the future’ Kate.

Workplace Team Development 2011 (1)

‘Especially liked the explanations given to explain the notes/overheads – very well paced. So very informative and at times confronting. And presented by an experienced and learned facilitator’ Nick.

‘Really, the most useful was having greater self-awareness and understanding of people’s behaviour. Now realising that not all people think the same. So the course provides a greater understanding of self and others close to you and why we do what we do’ Neil.

‘Now have insight into personalities and behaviours for self and team members. At any rate, well worth the commitment’ George.

‘Especially, liked exploring self and others in the team. Besides, strongly reinforced those behaviours I need to watch out for! And aim for. In addition, it was very helpful in understanding some particular people close to me’ Heather.

‘However, it’s not about the types per se, but about self-awareness – this is the learning point. Also, considering blind spots, healthy v unhealthy, and how to improve by integration. Thankfully, the program delivery was non-confrontational David.

‘Above all, learning about personality types, behaviour styles and their integration is powerful and enlightening’ Mike.

‘Without doubt, the course was well presented, interactive, stimulating and beneficial’ Andrew.

Workplace Team Development 2011 (2)

‘On the one hand, it allowed me to focus on self and colleagues with whom we spend a lot of work time with. On the other, it was an opportunity to look at myself’ Roger.

‘Overall, interesting, informative, and well-presented. More specifically, it is useful for team building as well as personal self-awareness’ John.

‘Most importantly, it removed angst in addressing each other’s personalities’ Adrian.

‘Seriously, this would help other groups with differing personality types to be more cohesive and understand each other better’ Laurence.

‘Moreover, I liked identifying my weaknesses and particularly the warning signs that I am slipping down my levels. Definitely, I think I have gained insight into most of the program’ June.

Especially, it was useful to identifying weaknesses and committing to overcoming them’ Alison.

‘Likewise, very rewarding in a group/ team environment to understand each other better’ Melanie.

‘First, I will identify strategies to support my personal development. Next, this course will engender and foster a supporting environment. Further, there were opportunities to learn – all personalities have strengths and weaknesses.

‘Overall, the best thing I learned from the course was affirmation of differences in personalities and then to understand them’ June.

‘Especially, I will be able to better myself both at work and socially (all round)’ Allen.

Adult Eduction Group Course 2011 (1)

‘Pauline, thank-you for opening my eyes and ears to the endless possibilities for self-development and relationships with others. Now, ready to “fly”’! Love, Helen.

‘Especially, enjoyed discussion groups and with tutor. And wonderful notes’ Sally.

‘Definitely it adds a whole new dimension to the 1st level. Importantly, it’s already made me more aware of what drives me as a person’ Josh.

‘Notably, very helpful and enjoyable’ Adrian.

‘Seriously, doing the course makes it more alive than simply trying to digest it on your own’ Rebecca.

‘Further, a great balance between gaining theoretical knowledge and relating it in practical terms to our lives. And it helped to identify some basic instincts that I haven’t thought about before’ Paul.

‘Dear Pauline, Saturday was a wonderful time and I did so enjoy it. Indeed, the amount of preparation you put into the day was very evident and most appreciated by us all. As well, it was a very polished presentation. And as Neil said, you have an encyclopaedic knowledge of the Enneagram. Now, I look forward to another session in the future. So, thank you for including me with the other participants Pauline’ With love, Paula.

Adult Education Course 2011 (2)

‘Dear Pauline,
Just writing to thank you for such a terrific Enneagram workshop last Saturday. Yes, it was a real eye-opener. Actually, the depth you indicated it was possible to plumb with each personality type suggests we’re all less aware of who and what we are than we think. Moreover, please let me know if you are planning to present any more courses. And I particularly enjoyed your warm and thoughtful presentation. So, many thanks again for an illuminating afternoon’ Robyn.

“Seriously, wonderful preparation, visuals and the booklets provided. Additionally, stimulating and professional. And wonderful teaching, interesting students. In addition, very useful information. Overall, an exciting course. In particular, it allows for great insight into self and others. Likewise, it has high relevance for families and workplaces, and all situations involving interpersonal relations. And there were excellent resources material provided for consolidation and revision of the course. Altogether, a must for everyone! Really stimulating, professional – brings insight into all interpersonal situations. In short, an exciting course – don’t miss it!’ Kate, retired school principle.

‘Now this will most definitely help me to better understand my work colleagues. Especially very insightful – helps explain ‘them.’ Importantly, all people are different, good and bad, no-one is better than others. Also, I love the choc chip biscuits!’ Libby.

‘Moreover, this course clarified how colleagues act in different situations. Now, I’m sure this will help in future when colleagues know everyone’s type’ Melton.

Secondary School Presentation 2010

‘Thank you for coming to GYC and sharing so generously with us about the Enneagram’ Maryanne.

Enneagram Testimonials 2010

These Enneagram Testimonials were provided from workplaces attending courses to address conflict management and team building.

Workplace – Management 2010

‘Managing Behaviour Successfully’, based on the Enneagram model of personality was delivered to 14 staff during April and May. Importantly, the purpose was to help staff to better understand each other and improve working relationships and efficiency. In consequence, I found this program beneficial as it revealed some of the causes of staff problems. And more significantly, how we could better manage them. Also, I found the program beneficial on a personal level to help better understand and manage relationships outside the workplace.

Consequently, based on the success of this program, Pauline was invited to deliver a similar Enneagram program ‘Discovering Myself’ to several groups of clients between June and October. However, these clients are involved in a full-time, long-term caring role. So, the purpose of the course was to help them better understand and validate themselves as individuals. And in their role as primary carers, and to better understand and manage the people they cared for. Accordingly, the program was very successful. And it elicited many positive and appreciative comments from attendees, along with requests to continue this program next year.

Following from this and on request from clients, we commissioned Pauline to facilitate a philosophy-based discussion program with clients during September and October. Specifically, they could explore interesting and relevant topics in a user-friendly educational format. Especially, participants appreciated this program. Moreover, it gave them opportunities for learning and discussion that would not normally be available to them due to their restricted opportunities as primary carers. Furthermore, participants requested that we run more sessions.

Dr Enright conducted sessions professionally and efficiently. In consequence, I would be happy to recommend her to future clients. And we intend to ask Pauline to run further courses next year’ Peter, CEO.

Workplace – Team Development 2010 (1)

‘Really, I liked recognising traits good and bad. Excellent workshop. Besides, it reinforced recognising the personality types of others’ Scott.

‘And the concept is very good. Hence, I really enjoyed the content and feel this will really help me in my work, family and social life’ Patrick.

‘Moreover, I liked the team working together, finding who’s what. However, stop and think when dealing with people’ John.

‘In particular, it was iInteresting information and useful to help me make me aware of how I should interact with others. And the ‘360o’ view was great’ Don.

‘Especially enjoyed the team environment, found the typing extremely challenging, though quite educational. And really enjoyed the responses from the team members. Overall, gave quite an insight to the workings of this team’ Martin.

‘Particularly  liked learning about the different personality types and why people behaviour the way they do. Generally, quite good, a bit of fun. Rodney.

‘Enjoyable – very informative, useful for improving self. Interesting to learn about the downside of my type so that it can be improved’ Clyde.

‘At least the most useful was learning about the different types of behaviours. Further, it was interesting and I enjoyed the discussions. So, could see benefit within working groups of the Council’ David.

‘Additionally, I liked the content of the workshop, meeting and talking with others in this group and being able to look at my personality type. Although it challenged some of my beliefs, I enjoyed it very much’ Pamela.

‘And most useful was the in depth look at each personality. Now, I’ve learnt a lot as I’ve not done anything like this before’ Shirley.

‘Especially, I liked at the different personalities and why they react the way they do. And I learnt more about myself’ Cherie.

Workplace – Team Development 2010 (2)

‘Because it was challenging in the end, I developed some useful insights. Especially re how we can operate on different levels and risks of operating on unhealthy levels’ Marie.

‘Really, I liked all of it. Besides, it was most enjoyable’ Julie.

‘In fact, relaxed. And very interesting – created lots of questions’ Julian.

‘Particularly, I liked the friendly atmosphere and simple explanations. In brief, most interesting and useful information about understanding others. Additionally, enjoyed the informality of the day’ Christine.

‘Very useful. Besides, positive in developing my own knowledge of self, personality and that of my staff’ Ellen.

‘In fact, I liked the small group and the opportunity for questions. Specifically, they were presented at an ideal pace. So, an excellent workshop. Furthermore, it assisted me to reflect on my own personality and give thought to the personalities of the staff’ Gary.

‘Really, most useful was getting insight into the behaviour of self and others. Additionally, very interesting insight into the world of personality types and how my behaviour towards others can impact heavily and personally. Now, a tool for everyday life’ Shelley.

‘Also, I liked learning about myself and using this information to try to watch out for the negatives. In short, the Enneagram has taught me a lot about myself which I will be able to use at home and in the workplace’ Hannah.

‘Well organised and excellent presentation. Furthermore, I have been given a lot of information, which I appreciate. Now I would be interested in another module’ Lesley.

‘I liked the structure and practical discussion. And the poster made it all clear. So, I enjoyed it’ Angela.

‘An enjoyable day and informative. As a result, opened up other ways to ‘manage’ myself and develop’ Pauline.

Workplace – Team Development 2010 (3)

‘Now, I’m becoming more comfortable with my personality type. Because the integration worked well’ Jonothon.

‘Logical and clear presentation. And most enjoyable. Useful information on understanding of own and others’ ways of operating’ Chris.

Now, I’m finding out more about myself. Finally having some understanding of my behaviours and why they happen and what causes them. Additionally, I have learnt much more about myself, more self-understanding and more understanding towards others and their behaviour patterns’ Julie.

‘Will be useful to use the information in managing myself and working with others. In fact, well-presented and informative’ Beverley.

‘By the way, I’m narrowing my type down, but I’m still uncertain (maybe that’s part of my type)’ Paul.

‘Now, at last, I have better understanding of myself’ Peter.

‘Besides, gives tools to grow and assistance to develop the best skills for dealing with situations. And, very interesting to have own information re warning signs and become aware of the stress point in my type’ Delia.

‘Truly, the overall knowledge I got from it is most useful. So yes, I would recommend it to others’ Trudie.

Workplace – Team Development 2010 (4)

‘Knowing what each personality type is, and what the personalities of people you are close with are so you can understand them, is most useful. Further, I think the workshop is quite interesting. And I learnt that everyone has a set personality but it can change in they are in a good or bad place’ Hannah.

‘So, seeing how my personality works helps me to understand me and my workmates and family. And I have learnt how I can improve to handle myself at work and family life. Of course, the workshop was great, it gave me more understanding’ Theresa.

‘Now, I have a positive reaction to the class, I’ve learnt about the different types of personality’ Shaun.

‘Overall, found it very interesting and has given me an understanding of the different personalities. First, I was skeptical at the thought of doing this workshop but found it enlightening – particularly in finding the personality for people that I am close to’ Lesley.

‘At least, I have learnt to be more tolerant of other personalities’ Phil.

‘Actually extending my knowledge and re-affirming my beliefs and knowledge of myself. And with non-judgmental on different types. Furthermore, it is informative. In addition, change can be good. Very good learning and appreciating other members of the team. And an understanding that has been extended. Presently, am reflecting overall effects Corla.

‘Especially, everything was most useful. And very well presented. So, I have learnt about my personality, which I feel I didn’t know before. Now I can work on my weaker points’ Alana.

‘Most people began to understand themselves better. In fact, nearly all were engaged. And now, this will help me in the workplace to manage a difficult personality’ Peter.

Workplace Team Development 2010 (5)

‘Brings deeper understanding of how to positively develop through integration/ stress sequence’ Robert.

‘Now, I know more about myself and what to do to continue to improve’ Paul.

‘This reaffirms my perceptions as well as more insight. Particularly learnt to remember to self-check against indicators’ Daniel.

‘Indeed, learning more about what type I think I am, it’s been a good workshop for self-exploration’ Vanessa.

‘Particularly gave clearer understanding of personality. As well a deep exploration of my own personality strengths etc. and what I need to improve’ Maureen.

‘Besides, the details of the personality types, social styles and coping styles has helped to pinpoint where I come from and understand my reactions. So I felt it was valuable …’ Sandra.

‘Conversational style and intuitive coach. Easy, non confrontational style. And helpful insights into characteristics of type. Additionally, the variants between healthy/ non-healthy behaviours will be helpful to myself and to view in others’ Rachael.

‘Especially very informative. Such food for thought!’ Lysbeth.

‘The explanations were all great. Now, I would like to know more’ Linda.

Adult Education 2010 (1)

‘In brief a small group, good location and understanding myself was most useful. Further, it was very interesting and informative’ Cindy.

‘Excellent class. And the best things were the discussion, materials and self-discovery. Also, a very good tutor’ Karen.

‘Importantly, Pauline has the ability to convey the Enneagram’s wisdom and insight. Excellent’ Claire.

‘Especially the tutor’s ability to teach adults and this class was excellent. Further, the ability of tutor to answer questions and level of knowledge were the best things. Good presenter’ Thea.

‘It was all excellent. Importantly, I was satisfied with the class. And the best thing was learning that I was a ‘7’ Di.

‘Tutor was excellent. And the best thing was attention to my own personality type and how to deal with certain aspects. Also attention to others in my life with regard to their personality and how to deal with them’ Tracey.

‘Actually, tutor and class were excellent. And the best things were the knowledge and questions answered’ Michael.

‘Well presented, informative, giving me an insight into myself. Making me think! Further, happy, more about myself and the need to look at myself’ Keith.

‘Indeed, I liked everything, how interesting it was. Hence, finding and knowing the person I am’ Tina.

‘The most useful was the chance to be with life minded people and to investigate your mind and feelings. Thus, total amazement at something I had no knowledge of. Additionally, learned heaps about myself and others. Now, definitely want to learn heaps more and go deeper’ Gay.

Adult Eduction 2010 (2)

‘Especially useful to understanding all the types were the diagrams and sound effects. So, all very interesting, learnt lots about personalities’ Helen.

‘And so, most useful were the new ideas and discussion with peers. Of course, helpful for self-development’ Yvonne.

‘For one thing, I liked learning about myself. For another, it was very interesting to learn about our personalities. Now, would like to further my knowledge’ Jane.

‘Above all, I liked learning about personality types and finding out about my good and bad points. So, now next stage please!’ Sandra.

‘For one thing, an excellent leader! For another, I liked the interaction between leader and group. Now, I have a deeper understanding and awareness about self and other personalities. In addition, an excellent start to learning about relating to others in work and the community’ Elaine.

‘On reflection, very satisfied. In particular, I liked learning about ourselves. In short, I learnt a lot, also helped with my shyness to talk it out. Also, like to really find out which number I am’ Thomas.

‘First, thank you, it was very enjoyable. Second, I am very satisfied. You were great. Furthermore, I would recommend it and I learnt a lot about myself’ Dennis.

‘In particular, I liked finding out about myself and I would definitely recommend this to others. Is interesting to understand other people’s reactions. Moreover, I would like to learn more about the Enneagram’ Rod.

‘What I liked was taking a step back and reflecting on self and others’ Joy.

‘Most useful were the examples of the theory. So, I would certainly recommend this. For now, you can convey this to clients / customers in the field and make adaptations to get a positive result’ Max.

Workplace – Team Development 2010 (6)

‘I liked being able to understand my workmates and what makes them tick’ Tony.

‘I’ve learnt to be more patient with others’ Don.

‘Importantly, I liked the clarity of delivery. And am very comfortable recommending this to others. For it takes all types to make the world go round’ Paul.

‘Always, a positive addition to understanding colleagues and own behaviours and attitudes’ Ron.

‘Now you’ve got me thinking. Want more time to analyse and learn how it can help me in relationships. Though very well presented, increased awareness’ Justin.

‘Especially, I liked identifying my type so I can try to improve from unhealthy levels to healthy levels (and the songs)’ Phillip.

‘Most useful was understanding how to deal with work colleagues and act towards them. Moreover, I found it rewarding and quite interesting – learnt more about myself’ Martin.

‘I liked learning about myself and the ways I act and react, and learning about others and how best to deal with them’ Emma.

‘An insight into others’ behaviour patterns’ Chrissy.

‘Particularly, I liked learning about other people’s behaviours and why they act in a certain way’ Andrew.

‘What I liked most was everything. Very mind opening. Importantly, I learnt about recognising qualities in others and learning better styles of communicating’ Bec.

Group of Carers 2010 (1)

‘Above all, I like the topic of ‘Discovering Personality’, where I have more understanding about different types of personality. Also, it’s useful for me to understand the underlying personality, how a person acts and behaves, and recognising the high and low levels’ Wendy.

‘Indeed, best was learning new information deeply about self and others. Now, I learnt to think more about my personality and personal growth and how I relate to others. Seriously, all persons would benefit from this course’ Barbara.

‘Now I understand why I don’t have the same ability as my sister, who is very confident and does well in her work, family and life. Particularly, it is because we have quite significantly different personality types so we react differently’ Sue.

‘Obviously a well prepared workshop, and an insight into a new form of information, a useful tool for the future. Consequently, I have learned a lot, it has opened up a new avenue of knowledge for me, and I will make full use of all the handouts’ Judith.

‘As a matter of fact, I liked the wealth of knowledge and ongoing positive personal development you can achieve. And I learnt about my personality and its positives and to be aware of ‘slipping’ and the other types of personalities you can ‘attach’ to, and gain positive outcomes’ Fran.

‘In addition, It was explained very carefully, there was time for discussion and the PP presentation added impact. Yes, it is a good system. So now, I have learned more about the complexities of human personality and behaviour and the difficulty of categorising both’ Margaret.

‘Especially, I liked the subject matter and the presenter’s knowledge and ability to explain. Overall reaction – fascinating. Additionally, I have already learnt how to more easily recognised different behaviours’ Jan.

Group of Carers 2010 (2)

‘Equally, all good. Now, I’m enjoying it as a useful tool’ Lindy.

‘Most of all, I liked linking of integration with types 1-9 and facilitator’s knowledge and sharing. Hence, a positive reaction and pleased to be adding to body of knowledge’ Jill.

‘In summary, I liked all aspects! Clearly great learning and understanding of self and content of workshop. As well, excellent presentation’ Janet.

‘Evidently very clear and deep topics’ Simon.

‘Equally, I liked discussions, diagrams and Pauline’s presentation. Also, I have a definite understanding for the better of my personality and others’ Elaine.

‘Definitely trying to understand myself was most useful. Consequently, this workshop has helped me to understand more. Nevertheless, I would like to attend more’ Virginia.

‘As well, I liked admitting things about myself. But still learning – more please!’ Sandra.

‘Actually, most useful was the method of presentation, the content and how it follows from the previous course. Also, I enjoyed it. Particularly, more depth of knowledge and how it applies to me’ Keith.

‘Undoubtedly excellent, I liked the Wings, the +’s and –‘s and listening and learning from others’ Helen.

‘Importantly, the contributions from others were most useful. Gave great addition to overall knowledge for counselling and other work’ Jan.

‘Equally, it was really refreshing talking about the levels and instincts. And because I found it so useful, I would recommend it – lots to take in’ Lindy.

‘Additionally, I learnt a lot about my partner and how to move ahead in future’ John.

‘Clearly, it was useful hearing about others’ experiences, to know that ‘me’ is ‘me.’ But now, I have developed so much know who ‘me’ is! Still, a thoroughly enjoyable experience’ Janet.

Enneagram Testimonials 2009

These Enneagram Testimonials were provided from workplace clients addressing conflict management and team building.

Workplace Team Building and Conflict Resolution 2009 Team Leader

‘In all honesty, I can say that the Enneagram changed my life. More specifically, it gave me an insight into myself that I had not had previously. At once, for the first time, I became aware of how other people saw me. And I found it extremely challenging, as it meant accepting that there are aspects of my personality that I did not like. However, it made me better able to manage myself because I now have a stronger inner self-control. Further, I understand more about people and how to best interact with them to solve problems.

In addition, I am more conscious of, and more sensitive to what is driving people and how to guide and motivate. Consequently, I am calmer, less reactive and hopefully less serious when in my work environment. Undoubtedly, I would also recommend the Enneagram, run by Pauline, to those who supervise people and for team-building purposes’ Mary, team leader.

Workplace Team Building and Conflict Resolution 2009 (1)

‘As a matter of fact, I have always considered myself as someone that knows themselves very well. So when I was told I would be attending another personal development program boredom was the first word that came to mind. But, how wrong I was! By the time I attended Pauline’s Enneagram program I was feeling quite overcome with dealing with different personalities within my work team. However, Pauline’s program not only has helped me deal with my own personality and how it impacts on other people but why people behave the way they do.

For one thing, Pauline’s sessions were well organised, relevant and varied. For another, her calm and level temperament made it easy to confide in her. In addition, putting into practice what I have learned has had a positive impact on my personal life and my work environment. Moreover, I am calmer and more forgiving of other’s behaviour. Without doubt, this has been a learning experience that will have a positive impact on the rest of my life’ Carol.

Workplace Team Building and Conflict Resolution 2009 (2)

‘Overall I enjoyed the workshop and how it was structured. Especially, I learnt about my personality type’ Rory.

‘Considering what was best, I liked the way the material was presented and Pauline’s interaction with us as a group’ Donna.

‘At least, it pointed me in a future direction. Not to mention enjoyable. And I have learnt more about who I am and why I do certain things’ Stephen.

‘Especially, I liked the clarity of the information. Indeed, this workshop is a useful addition to my lifelong journey of discovery about myself and others’ Annette.

‘First, most useful was having more understanding of my own personality type. Second, was developing more compassion and understanding of others close to me. In fact, I can see how this is really useful as a self-development and workplace development exercise’ Jane.

‘For one thing, a great introduction. For another, some very interesting concepts, so would very much like to learn more about the tool’ Julia.

‘Really was enlightening. Especially learning things about people around me’ Debbie.

‘Overall I enjoyed the workshop and how it was structured. Especially, I learnt about my personality type’ Rory.

‘Best, I liked the way the material was presented and Pauline’s interaction with us as a group’ Donna.

‘Foremost, this pointed me in a future direction. Not to mention enjoyable. Most importantly, I have learnt more about who I am and why I do certain things’ Stephen.

‘What’s more, I liked the clarity of the information. Especially this workshop is a useful addition to my lifelong journey of discovery about myself and others’ Annette.

Workplace Team Building and Conflict Resolution 2009 (3)

‘In fact, most useful was having more understanding of my own personality type. And developing more compassion and understanding of others close to me. Now, I can see how this is really useful as a self-development and workplace development exercise’ Jane.

‘Clearly a great introduction. Also very interesting concepts, would very much like to learn more about the tool’ Julia.

‘Without a doubt, it was enlightening. Especially I learned things about people around me’ Debbie.

‘In summary, it was excellent. Now, I recognise more people’s types’ Neil.

‘Besides, it kept me engaged and interested. In addition, I found it very insightful – would like to learn more for both personal and professional reasons’ Anne.

‘Noticeably very well presented – and answers to questions and your understanding of each type and interdependencies is a real benefit! Paul.

‘Namely, most useful was finding out things about myself and understanding others – where I realise why they do the things that they do. In particular, having insight into the different types of personalities has equipped me with a greater understanding. And this will allow me to be more tolerant of other personality types. In conclusion, I feel any workplace would benefit from this worthwhile program’ Ian.

‘Undoubtedly, I have learnt many things – positive and negative sides of people’s behaviour’ Terry.

‘Actually very interesting – I had a feeling of being drawn to particular type to begin with. But then I wanted to digest and look at others as well before coming to a conclusion – perhaps a personality trait in itself!’ Sam.

Workplace Team Building and Conflict Resolution 2009 (4)

‘Most of all, this will help me understand myself and others. Overall a very productive workshop’ Carol.

‘Importantly, it is enlightening to ‘know’ yourself. Furthermore, I believe there are several teams in ………. that would benefit, e.g. the admin teams’ Mary.

‘Fortunately, I gained a lot of insight into how to handle situations with specific friends or family members. And I enjoyed the workshop but it was different to my initial expectations. Yet, I feel I can use a lot of what I have learnt in my day-to-day activities etc’ Jenny.

‘Not only well presented, but also interesting. More importantly, I learnt about my personality type’ Irene.

‘For example, most useful was Pauline’s knowledge and clear communication style. Above all, positive. Especially, increased self-awareness and ability to interact more effectively with others. Thank you Pauline!’ Andrew.

‘As well as a lot of information, there were very interesting concepts. And it was so much more detailed than other personality type indicators’ Jonothon.

‘Especially enjoyed it all. Even more, it was very useful for working out where you fit in with others and why people work the way they do’ Graham.

‘What’s more, I am very pleased that I attended. Now I know my strengths and weaknesses and how to deal with abrasive types’ Alice.

‘First, a good introduction. Secondly, I would like to find out more about interaction, because now I have better understanding of the way I react to situations’ Belinda.

Workplace Team Building and Conflict Resolution 2009 (5)

‘Really, I liked having both a presentation and a book, allows 2 kinds of input to better solidify ideas. Also very interesting, especially about how it’s being picked up by psychologists. Certainly, I think it would be a good workplace bonding experience for employees and employers’ Chris.

‘In fact, the Enneagram is useful in understanding self and others, woo!’ Jess.

‘While I have learnt more about myself, more importantly, it has given me insight in how to better manage my team and the people I work with’ Marion.

‘Especially, the group discussion helped me understand my other team members and why they did or said certain things in the workplace. Consequently, I have learned a tremendous amount of information about myself and others. Indeed, I think that this program has been valuable’ Luke.

‘Clearly, I enjoyed it very much. Moreover, I learnt how I can grow as a person’ Matt.

‘As a start, the introduction of more information was good. Particularly, I could relate to the information which will be useful in looking at ways to improve myself. Also, to be aware of the others in the team – when they’re stressed and then when they’re at their best. Undoubtedly, I am understanding myself better. And also like that I’m understanding the others in the team, getting to know them better and on a deeper level, which will be beneficial in working more effectively together’ Sarah.

‘Specifically, I liked the sharing side of the workshop and talking to each other about the different types. Without a doubt, I really enjoyed this workshop’ Simon.

Workplace Team Building and Conflict Resolution 2009 (6)

‘For one thing, it has been very interesting learning about myself and others in my team. For another, to understand their behaviour’ Michael.

‘Furthermore, as I liked understanding myself and how I can impact others, hopefully I will become a better person and a better colleague. And so, I would very highly recommend this. Fantastic! Thank you so much!’ Cheryl.

‘In fact, what I liked most was learning what each team member’s personality type is. Because, as a supervisor, it will help me deal with situations and staff better and more effectively. In consequence, I have a better understanding of myself and my work mates, which will help with my own personal development. And which I hope will make me a better person and supervisor’ Fran.

‘Especially, I liked the written information and the explaining of details. As well, as a team member, it has been important to learn this information to understand each other better, and why the do/say things and do/act, also to improve oneself’ Doreen.

‘On the one hand, it was very informative, as I like to be learning new things and to work on myself. On the other, I know this will be very helpful in me understanding others and ways of working more cohesively with the other team members’ Sue.

‘Importantly, I learnt things about myself and others, (and the morning teas were great). And the content was informative and different from any other courses I have been to. Indeed, I feel this was beneficial to our team, to see the different personalities, and how your behaviour can affect your relationships at work and at home’ Frank.

Workplace Team Building and Conflict Resolution 2009 (7)

‘Mostly, what I liked was the opportunity for group discussion. In addition, the program has been enlightening for me and interesting’ Simon.

Particularly, I liked getting more information to work out my personality type as I was uncertain at the first workshop. And I love your calm, clear delivery in an environment where I felt comfortable to participate’ Debbie.

‘Indeed, I liked was the more in depth discussion, it made more sense to me. Moreover, it was informative, and I have learnt a lot about myself and the people close to me’ Elise.

‘Though I couldn’t get over ……’s reaction – it was almost one of relief for him to know what his personality type was. At first, he seemed really pleased, as if he finally understood himself. And that is so good, and so good for the team, particularly me. So many things make sense now, as it means I can really help him explore what it is he wants to do. Whereas before I thought he just didn’t care, was uninterested and had no motivation – how wrong can one be’ Sarah.

‘Seriously, the content is wide, ease of presentation, breaks down to manageable pieces. Hence, I feel really inspired!’ Jill.

‘And I liked your explanations – clear, unbiased and informative. Especially very useful and applicable’ Neil.

Enneagram Testimonials 2008

These Enneagram Testimonials were provided from clients attending a small group business course.

Small Group Business Course 2008

‘Indeed, a very worthwhile opportunity to share emotions and examine long held opinions and motivations’ Patrick.

‘First, I thought the presentation of the material was excellent. On top of that, I believe I really know which number I am, but only confirmed in our last session. Therefore, am really thrilled with this’ Carmel.

‘In fact, thank you Pauline for delivering a very professional, informative and interactive workshop. Especially, it has already assisted me to understand the behaviour within my sales team, invaluable. Overall, a very worthwhile investment’ Sharon.

Enneagram Testimonials 2007

These Enneagram Testimonials were provided from clients attending an adult education course.

Adult Education Course 2007 (1)

‘In fact, very insightful – provides unique opportunity to self-reflect’ Jan.

‘Actually, all of the course was fantastic’ Margaret.

‘Especially, it was enlightening’ Helen.

‘Moreover, a safe learning environment to learn new concepts. As well, it was interesting and thought provoking to understand behaviours’ Jenny.

‘And day went fast, flowing and informative’ Karen.

‘Indeed, an excellent workshop. And easy to understand. Foremost, it has given me a much better understanding of the 9 personality types’ Tatia.

‘Additionally, it was good to have complete notes so that note taking did not distract me. And answering questions in pairs was very helpful’ Maria.

‘Particularly, I was impressed with the tutor. So very informative at recognising what I am’ Carol.

Adult Education Course 2007 (2)

‘‘Also, I was pleased there was some help out there for me on how to deal with the difficult personalities around me. Then my reaction is, “I wish I was taught this at school”. And I have learnt that there are so many personality traits’ Penny.

‘Most of all the overall reaction was positive. Especially, learnt about my own personality type and of some people close to me. Now, I look forward to further workshops’ Margaret.

‘Besides, there was good organisation of material and resources, meeting new people and introduction to new topic. And excellent notes for follow-up reading … so looking forward to further workshops’ Stephany.

‘Clearly, very enjoyable. And so interesting learning about all the personality types’ Tracy.

‘Really great. In fact, everyone is ‘the same but different’! Gina.

‘For one thing, I really loved the course – the whole thing’ Richard.

‘Particularly inspiring and thought provoking – to do more work on myself’ Chris.

‘Especially, you are awesome!! Loved your production, your style and your enthusiasm’ Mary-Anne.

‘Furthermore, an incredible degree of knowledge, depth and enthusiasm. So, thank you’ Katherine.

Enneagram Testimonials 2006

These Enneagram Testimonials were provided from clients attending a workplace course to address team conflict.

Workplace Team Building and Conflict Resolution – Management 2006

‘In particular, J. and I were just discussing some of the issues/concerns with the leadership team this morning and saying that there seems to have been change for the positive. While it’s hard to pin point what exactly has caused this, I dare say it is a range of factors, including your program. For one thing, the team spoke positively of the exposure to the Enneagram they had. So, I think it maybe one of those things that have been a contributing factor to us getting closer as a team. For another thing, there was improvement in understanding and communication amongst our team. So, I want to personally thank you Pauline for the time and effort you put into tailoring our program and the obvious commitment and passion you have for this’ Pat.

Workplace Team Building and Conflict Resolution – Staff 2006 (1)

‘Also, can be engaged in at different levels and for different needs. Most of all, I think your teaching and preparation was outstanding – exemplary. And you are totally on top of your material. Hence, I am so impressed, thank-you. Further, I’ve learned so much and shall work on transformation’ Jan.

‘Clearly, very worthwhile for self-development and discovery. Thanks so much, Pauline. As well, I found the ‘tie-in’ with the wings very enlightening.’ Anne.

‘Especially informative and valuable for self awareness and other awareness’ Maggie.

‘Besides, I enjoyed learning some useful skills to understand myself and others. Finally, I understand my motivations about things that have confused me for a long time’ Rowena.

‘Above all, extremely helpful and thought provoking’ Eddie.

‘As a matter of fact, I found it equally confronting and enlightening. But this will help me immensely in my work and home life to better understand my motives and reactions to those around me’ Donna.

‘Actually understanding where I am at in my journey and how I relate to the team is great. Additionally, I have learnt more about what they like/ dislike and value’ Tania.

‘Admittedly, this systematic approach towards personality assessment is more effective than mere guesswork’ Richard.

‘For one thing, very interesting for self-development. For another, great for thinking about yourself and others. Thank you’ Claudia.

‘Thankfully, I’m glad that you recognise the spiritual aspect of out live. In fact, my belief is that without a spiritual side to our lives, we are lacking an essential part of personality’ John.

‘Actually, very non-confronting, not too much material. And all very well planned and logically progressive’ Anne.

Workplace Team Building and Conflict Resolution – Staff 2006 (2)

‘In fact, well done. And quite good time for discussions’ David.

‘Also valuable tool for self-knowledge’ Jack.

‘Indeed, no point in sitting in discomfort. That is to say, extend yourself, read the book, do the class, improve your life, be happy because of it’ Karen.

‘Especially, use of music and songs during sessions was very helpful’ Robert.

‘Above all, you are doing a great job!’ Livy.

‘Particularly friendly atmosphere, good information, interesting’ Peter.

‘Additionally, unlike other personality typing systems, I didn’t feel pigeon-holed by the Enneagram. Mostly, it was finding an appropriate launching pad to healthier living and understanding’ Andrea.

‘Finally, this course is a wonderful opportunity for understanding oneself and others’ Mary.

‘Indeed, the workshop helped me to recognise areas for improvement and devote effort towards improving myself’ Sally.

‘Most of all, very enlightening’ Jan.

‘Consequently, will recommend the course to work and other professionals’ Alice.

Enneagram Testimonials 2005

These Enneagram Testimonials were provided from clients attending a private group course.

Private Group Course 2005

‘Clearly, to understand other people helps you to be sympathetic and to have an empathy. Also not to be judgemental towards others. So, well done’ Beck.

‘Here, a very comfortable atmosphere in which to participate. And structure of the course is good. Thank-you’ Bev.

‘Really, I like the idea that this program can help you grow and change. And I look forward to finding our more’ Susan.

‘Also, very thorough well-structured and resource-supported delivery, very conscientiously done’ Delton.

Enneagram Testimonials 2004

These Enneagram Testimonials were provided from clients attending an adult education course.

Adult Education Course 2004 (1)

‘Over all, the Enneagram system is excellent. And the introductory presentation was well thought out and well constructed. Especially, a great potential as a tool for personal development through allowing the person working with it to come into a much better understanding of themselves. And also of others, which can only help in interpersonal relationships, so keep up the good work. Indeed, the more people in the world who have good self-understanding and understanding of others, the better it will be’ Julie.

‘Further, I hope the Enneagram becomes a more widely used too. Really, it is such a good system for coming to know more about oneself, and understanding others’ Robin.

‘Actually, you’re a wiz! Also, fantastic handouts! … Thank you! And you have a lovely manner and way of delivery. Particularly, I’ve loved the last 7 weeks. So, thank you for putting together a set of wonderful notes’ Steve.

‘Yes, a must for anyone who is interested in their own development and assisting others to achieve their full potential. Above all, unlimited scope for ongoing learning and exploration. Thank-you Pauline!’ Rachael.

‘In fact, the course was really well run. Specifically, a good balance between becoming familiar with the theory and being able to discuss its relevance to our own lives. And all the notes were great too! Sarah.

Adult Education Course 2004 (2)

‘And what a great way to have fun, and learn more about yourself and people in your life. Likewise, had heaps of fun, thanks Pauline!!’ Jess.

‘Now, I have found myself. So my personality is validated and it is good to know here are other people in the world like me’ David.

‘Especially understanding some of the motives behind my behaviour has helped me to take positive steps towards achieving my goals and building positive relationships with those around me’ Don.

‘Certainly has consolidated my knowledge about the basic Enneagram structure and answered some of my lingering questions’ John.

‘Most of all, you have a lovely manner and presentation style! In fact, it’s very special’ Steve.

‘In particular, It should be mandatory for all to help us understand one another’ Helen.

‘Besides, it is wonderful for understanding yourself and family members’ Pam.

‘In addition, very interesting, very good for personal relationships’ Rebecca.

‘To be sure, a great subject. And well-presented through comfortable structured sessions. Overall well done Pauline. Thanks’ Carolyn.

‘Further, it has opened up a whole new world and way of thinking and looking at life’ Eileen.

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