Learn about your personality with The Enneagram for Living. Your personality is a doorway to who you really are.

The Enneagram for Living is a personal development course for people who want to know more about themselves, and how to live more successfully and happily. They have reached that stage in life where they want to do some serious self-inquiry and self-development.

When people begin to self-reflect, they realise that there is more to themselves than they know or understand. They start to wonder what they should be doing with their lives. If you’re going through some soul-searching, this course is for you.

The Course

The Enneagram for Living is a course that teaches you about yourself. Learning about your personality reveals important facts about you and your potential.

You’ll learn about your strengths and traps and how to manage them. You will have a head start in handling difficult situations and getting more out of life.

You’ll learn about other people and their different priorities. This helps you to understand them more. Your relationships will improve. The Enneagram is rich, perceptive and life-changing.

The course is suitable for everyone. You just need curiosity and an open mind. Participants are swept away by the accuracy and perception of what they learn. As they hear about each type, they start to recognise themselves and people they know.


The course consists of 4 workshops of several hours each, held two to four weeks apart. Each one covers important aspects of the Enneagram. By the time you have completed the course, you will have the information and tools to identify and develop your personality and potential to a higher level of efficiency, success and overall wellbeing. Advanced sessions on specific topics are also available.

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