Why should Children learn Mindfulness?

Mindfulness for Children teaches children valuable emotional regulation skills. Especially today, the child’s world is full of distractions, challenges and puzzles. As we know, the Internet, mobile phones and other technology occupy their interest and time. Along with the demands of learning, high expectations, and often disrupted family lives, these factors can be too much for small minds to process effectively. Especially, their attention jumps from one thing to another. This makes concentration is difficult. Unsurprisingly, developing brains are exhausted and frazzled.

To begin with, depression, anxiety and bullying or other harmful behaviours frequently result. Further, the increase in suicide and suicide ideation in children is alarming. And apart from the immediate challenges of these problems, the long-term wellbeing of the children, their families, peers and schools is threatened.

It follows that the ability to develop self-awareness and self-regulatory skills is surely a necessary and worthwhile skill for all children to develop. In fact, children can learn Mindfulness skills to manage their immediate day-to-day challenges. And they can begin to amass a skill box of techniques and practices that will serve them well for the rest of their lives. Mindfulness for Children (MFC) answers these challenges. See link: What is Mindfulness?

Course Details

Mindfulness for Children is suitable to Grades 4 and 5. It is delivered in 10 x 50-minute weekly sessions. The aim is:

To develop self-awareness,  emotional control and wellbeing when facing ordinary and challenging situations, and to have the resources to maintain those skills throughout life after the course is finished.

Children who attend learn to focus attention and stay calm. For one thing, the course also shows them how to better appreciate their senses and the world revealed through the senses. For another, they learn about meditation, breath, body, the five senses, feelings, words, thinking, friendship and much more.

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