Coaching Testimonials from cards, letters, emails and other sources

Coaching Testimonials are statements from clients about their coaching experiences. If you would like help with life-coaching, personality exploration or anything concerning your well-being, get in touch via our Contact Page.

‘I do believe so strongly the work you are doing, and it will be of great value to many in the workplace and a significant vehicle in transition for many to new journeys for their life value and holistic experiences. I for one value deeply your nurturing, mentoring and coaching of me in coming to understand the different realisations/views of life before me – thank you’ Peter, Business Consultant.

‘Thankyou so much for all your hard work with me, I felt like a weight had been lifted off of my shoulders, and that the real possibility is that I deserve to be … the person I want to be…. you are fabulous.  I know that I will have to keep working on this until it is a habit, and new and improved habit to replace the old ones :)’ Ruth.

‘Dear Pauline,
I would like to thank you so much for all your support. My experience with you as my Life Coach has transformed me. I am sure that you hear this all the time, but I really mean you have transformed my life!!!! I cannot believe the difference seeing you has made. Your sessions were informative, eye opening, extremely user friendly, felt like they were relative to me, and have transformed my every thing!!!!!

I too, am a professional Life Coach and counselor, due to this initially I was unsure about accessing somebody else for my own personal use, I must say that these concerns were quickly dismissed after meeting with you, due I feel to your skill, warm approach, your openness and understanding and your ability to stay focused to the task of improving my life.

I am not sure how to explain this but there is something about the way you deliver information that is relative to me, that makes me get it, your approach allows me to actually take the information on board, it may even be something I already know and possibly have taught others, but without your intervention I would not have got it for me.

Since commencing Life Coaching with you I have battled and won against my fear of success!!! I feel more confident speaking publicly and actively look for opportunities to do this. Your work with me has allowed me to accept that I am worthy of respect, care, love, and general personal and professional success.

These are now apart of my life. In addition I have commenced private practice and this is going so well that I have had to resign from some of my other work. My family notices the difference in me and they thank you too.

The strategies you have given me to enhance my well-being, address my fears and reprogram my negative thoughts are used every day. I would l highly recommend you to any body wishing to improve them selves, their relationships, work life, and especially those who wish to, address concerns and fears, work through issues and to feel generally better. You are amazing. I wish you every success as a life coach and will not hesitate to access your services if I need to in the future, or to recommend you to others. Again thank you so much’ MaryAnne.

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