Individuals buttonRadiance Hobart Counselling offers individual counselling. Relieve anxiety and stress. Talk over your problems. Clear the mess. Find your way forward. We are here to help.

Individual Counselling

Sometimes, anxiety or stress can get too much. Perhaps you’re unhappy, but don’t know why. Maybe there’s a problem that’s gone on too long. Or something’s just happened that’s caused a nasty shock. Counselling is what you need.

When people struggle with life’s problems, counselling can help. If you’re finding it hard to cope, talking to a counsellor can relieve the stress and show the way forward.

We have helped many individuals. We talk through your problems one-to-one. You are in a safe, private place, where you will be treated with respect and confidentiality.

We listen and help you see things in different ways. We show you how to manage change and understand the things you can’t change. As well as talking and listening to you, we have a range of the best psychotherapies to help you navigate the changes you need.

You make better sense of things and work out what to do. You learn new skills and better ways of doing things. Before you know it, life begins to look more positive. The future is brighter.

People attending as individuals sometimes also attend Couples Counselling or Group Counselling.

If you are having problems coping, why not book a session now? Talking things over and learning new skills can made the difference that you are looking for. For your convenience, you can arrange your counselling by Phone or Zoom. Also, Face-to-Face sessions are held on some Saturdays. For details of all bookings, see the  Counselling Booking Calendar. You’ll feel so much better!

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