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Links to Counselling Information

The peak counselling body in Australia:
Australian Counselling Association:

The Institute where I did my counselling and majors training:
Australian Institute of Professional Counsellors:

Philosopher at University Fraser Valley, Canada, with whom I did my Philosophical Counselling training and author of several counselling books:
Peter Rabbe:

For information on depression and related conditions:
Beyond Blue:

For phone counselling help in a crisis or out of hours:

Links to Enneagram Websites

I did my Enneagram training with Don Riso and Russ Hudson at:
Enneagram Institute:‎

Another Enneagram organisation I belong to:
International Enneagram Association:

Links to Health and Wellbeing Providers

Mental Health Services
Part of the Statewide and Mental Health Services within the Department of Health and Human Services:
The Mental Health Services Helpline is: 1800 332 388.

Flourish is an organisation where you can have your say and get information if you have experienced mental health problems. See:

Seniors Health and Wellbeing
A place for seniors to feel comfortable and to catch up on the latest information on fun, health, wealth and well-being:

Aged Care Services and Residential Care
Southern Cross Care Tas Inc:

Support Services for the Aged and Disabled
Community Based Support South:

Families and Children Services
Anglicare Tasmania:
CatholicCare Tasmania:
Colony 47:

Support for Expats
Anne Gillme runs a website for expats who might be experiencing problems settling back in at home, or who just want to chat and share thoughts and insights about their experiences. She offers a range of services, including a blog and a chance to meet up in person. See: Expatriate Connection for details.

Physiotherapy and Alexander Technique
Elke Rudolph is qualified in physiotherapy and the Alexander Technique. She works with individuals and groups to facilitate awareness of body and movement. She teaches skills to her clients so that they are able to better manage their physical health and overall wellbeing. See Elke’s website:


Bruno Cayoun taught me my Mindfulness and MiCBT skills:
MiCBT Institute

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