Face-to-Face Counselling

If this your first time attending a Face-to-Face Counselling session, please check out the link Booking Information. This will tell you about fees, general availability and other things you need to know.

Face-to-Face Counselling is the ideal option if you can attend the practice in person. It is easier to get to know you and sense your mood and feelings. If, however, you are unable to attend in person, check out Phone Counselling and Skype Counselling. You don’t have to miss out on getting the best help.

Practice Location

The practice is located at Unit 1, 5 Montgomery Court, Sandy Bay, Tasmania. If you need directions to Montgomery Court, please let me know and I can give them to you, no problem.

When you enter the street, you will see that it is a small dead end street. 1/5 is at the very end, in front of you. There is a drive-way where you can park on the left-hand side. The entrance to the practice is on the right of the building in front of you, up the steps. If the steps are a problem for you, let me know beforehand and I will open up the back entrance for you.

Arrival at Your Session

Please plan on arriving on time for your session. Especially be aware of the traffic during busy periods. The time will have been set aside for you. If you are late, I may not be able to give you extra time as I will be committed to other tasks or clients.

You can arrive up to 10-minutes early and relax in the waiting area. Please do not arrive any more than 10-minutes early as I could be attending to notes from a previous client or returning phone calls.

You can now book your session via the Appointment Booking Calendar. Or you can phone me on 0409 191 342 or email via the Contact page. I look forward to meeting and working with you.

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