Workplaces buttonIf your workplace is losing money, or productivity is declining due to staff problems, Workplace Counselling is worth checking out. Workplaces that offer counselling have a headstart in their staff staying healthy and efficient.

Workplace Counselling

Workplace Counselling is counselling for people in a workplace, paid for by the employer. Counselling helps staff to deal with problems and stay healthy and positive. Healthy staff take less sick leave and are more productive. Counselling can help with problems at work, or outside work if they negatively impact your work.

Stress is inevitable in most busy workplaces. Unchecked, it can lead to anger outbursts and bullying. Bad relationships, distrust and undermining are just some of the results. Counselling can help these problems. Workplaces benefit, as happy, healthy employees stay longer and work more efficiently.

Workplace Counselling is a sensible investment. When staff know that you care about their well-being, morale and output improves. Better to deal with problems early before they undermine you and your success.

Organising Workplace Counselling

You can organise counselling for your workplace in one of two ways. If you have a small number of staff, you can set up a contract directly with me. For larger organisations, you would work through an EAP (External Assistance Provider). I am currently contracted to several EAP providers. Let me know your preference, and I can help you set up either.

Both workplace and private clients have the option of attending sessions over either Phone or Zoom. Sessions are private and convenient. You take them in a safe place where you will not be disturbed, interrupted or overheard. You can discuss your problems safely, in confidence. Whether your problems are about your workplace, private life, family or anything at all, talking them over helps. With the help of a qualified professional, you see things more clearly, work through your difficulties and plan a way forward. There may be things to learn and practice.

See also downloadable PDF: About Workplace Counselling 2019

If you would like to take the first step to protecting and caring for your staff’s mental and emotional health by providing counselling sessions, get in touch with us today.

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