Counselling Supervision is a requirement for counsellors registered with the Australian Counselling Association – the peak counselling body in Australia. Like other registered counsellors, I have a qualified supervisor, with whom I meet regularly. As a qualified counselling supervisor, I am able to offer professional counselling supervision to qualified counsellors as part of their ACA membership requirements. Supervision is a contracted arrangement.

Days, times, costs and session availability can be found on the Counselling Booking Page. Sessions are available by face-to-face, phone or Zoom.

Starting Counselling Supervision

1. Optional: If you would like a brief 5-10 minute phone call to clarify anything, please phone me on 0409 191 342. In the event that I am busy when you call, please leave a brief message and I will phone you back as soon as I am free. If I answer but cannot speak adequately at the time, we will reschedule a suitable time for me to call you back.

2. If you don’t need a phone call, or following a phone call, please  write a brief ¾ – 1 page biography in a Word document about where you are in your counselling journey and your aspirations for supervision. Please include your level of ACA membership (if you have joined yet) and what training you have done. Please email this to me in a Word document: I will let you know when I receive it. If there is anything in your requirements for supervision that I feel I cannot meet, I will let you know, otherwise we can go ahead.

3. You are then free to book your first session via the Counselling Booking Calendar, where you will find full instructions. Once I receive your  booking and payment, I will prepare a contract and email it to you. Please peruse this before your session and make a note of any queries.

4. At your first session, we go through any queries you may have about the contract and clarify the ethical requirements of counselling and supervision. We can then both sign off on the contract. If you are attending face-to-face, we each do this in person and I give you a hard copy. If you take your session over Zoom or email, we will navigate signing the contract over email. The session is then yours to bring up any issues you wish to discuss. I can also give you information about the topic areas that supervision can cover.

Future Supervision Sessions

You can book future sessions at your discretion via the Counselling Booking Calendar. If you are taking your session by phone, I will phone you at the session time. If you are taking it by Zoom, I will email you the link beforehand. Periodically group sessions via Zoom are available. These are useful to interact with colleagues. When these are available I email you the details and let you know ahead of time. They are paid via direct deposit, so you don’t book these in via the calendar, it’s done directly with me.


Individual session fees are $70. Appointments are prepaid at the time of booking via the booking calendar. Fees cover contact time plus preparation, notes and administration. 2-hour Group Zoom sessions are $50, and paid by direct deposit.

I look forward to meeting and working with you.

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