Learning about Mindfulness could be the best thing you ever do. You will discover how to overcome problems such as addiction, anxiety, depression, grief, pain, panic, phobia, sleeplessness, stress, trauma and more.


Mindfulness is the state of being present to what you are doing, giving full attention of mind and body, without judgment or reactivity. You don’t let your mind wander. By paying full attention, you learn not to react to stress.

We learn not to have expectations and be disappointed. We don’t hang on to experiences we like, or ignore those we dislike. When we accept what is, we are less upset. We deal with things more effectively.

The concept of Mindfulness originates in ancient philosophical and spiritual traditions – Eastern and Western. In recent years, mental health therapists in the West have re-discovered its enormous benefits. They have begun to use it to help people to manage stress and stress-related conditions. Whether the condition is serious or just ‘everyday’ stress, the right practices will help you feel better. We have courses for groups, workplaces, schools and individuals requiring personal therapy. Check out the links above to know more.

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About Mindfulness

Leaning about Mindfulness can become more than a remedy when things don’t work out in the way you want. It can become a new way of life. Instead of having to take action when things have gone wrong, you are ahead of the game. In fact, you are already in the state of mind you need to deal with the unexpected, the difficult, and the unpredictable. Instead of being destabilised, you take it in your stride and get on with life.

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Between Stimulus and Response, man has the freedom to choose (Stephen Covey)