Mindfulness for Smokers is a course to help you stop smoking. Smoking is notoriously difficult to stop! Yet many smokers would love to quit, if only they knew how! If this sounds like you, try Mindfulness for Smokers.

Mindfulness for Smokers

Mindfulness for Smokers is a specially developed Mindfulness course with extra information about smoking. You learn valuable skills to manage reactivity and withdrawal. You’ll have more control over what you do.

You’ll learn other important skills, like assertiveness and dealing with difficult situations. It’s often when we are not managing things well that we turn to smoking. At first it ‘relieves’ the stress. But then it becomes the cause of stress and lots of other types of ill health.

The course lasts for 10-weeks, of 2-2.5 hour sessions, depending on numbers. Each week, there is feedback, smoking assessments and diaries to chart your progress. Group support keeps you motivated and on track.

You receive comprehensive notes and 2 CDs or access to on-line recordings to guide your Mindfulness practice. You commit to attending all sessions and practicing Mindfulness meditation for 30-minutes twice daily during the course. There is a brief pre-course interview to inform you and a 1-1 session during the course. You can arrange more 1-1 sessions if you need extra support.

You learn about relapse prevention so you can keep on target in the future. Keeping up your practice after the course is finished will help you maintain your gains. Further group or individual sessions following the course can be arranged. A monthly follow-up and periodic follow-up sessions are recommended.

Mindfulness for Smokers can be delivered to workplaces or groups, such as community or youth groups, small private groups, and individuals. If you are a smoker and would like to attend a group course, contact us and put your name down. As soon as we have enough participants, we will schedule a course and let you know. Perhaps you have a friend or family member who will come along too? We only need 4 people to start a group.

If you are a workplace or other group, we can arrange a course with you for your workplace or group. Don’t delay – do it now! Keeping workers healthy is a sound investment.

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To Quit Smoking Now, Mindfulness for Smokers is the help you need. Get in touch to start your course now.

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