Counselling Testimonials from cards, letters, emails and other sources

Counselling Testimonials are statements from clients in their own words about their counselling experiences. Please also see Mindfulness Testimonials.

“There is so much power in words. I will never be able to thank you enough for teaching me how to breathe and live again. To someone who I’ve never actually met, I owe you for your words and wisdom. You have helped me gain the strength I needed to lead my own life. You have helped me cope with my substance abuse which I never thought was a possibility and here I am, 3 months later and have succeeded beyond my own expectations. You have helped me learn strategies and techniques to be free of my anxiety disorder and diminish it when I couldn’t see a way out or how to be calm.
Learning how to meditate and use mindfulness of breath was a massive game changer, something so simple and delicate impacted my body and mind in the largest sense, it just needs to be consistently practiced. Self care is SO important.
Knowing that you were there to listen, feeling accountable to you because you cared and have genuinely given me some of the best advice that I try my hardest to follow.
I have always looked forward to our phone sessions, you reminded me of my own abilities and to take care of MYSELF. You have been a very special person in my life, all the distress and damage was able to be alleviated because of you. I thank you again, although it would never be enough, for being you.” Kayla (telephone client).

‘Hi Pauline,
I am writing to thank you for all your help during my recent counselling sessions, which I found so immensely helpful. With your professional and caring approach I felt able to rationalise and so work through my problems and worries …. I truly feel that I can get on with my life now, my self-doubt diminished and feeling more positive about the future. I also feel reassured that I can have more counselling if needs be. Thank you again Pauline,’ Kind regards, Louise.

‘I felt completely depilated on my first visit to our counsellor. I couldn’t see any solution to our problems. I thought they had gone too far. I left with a feeling of hope and that feels a lot better than despair. The second session went fantastic. We both spoke to each other with our counsellor, being  guided when needed. We both resolved some major issues in our relationship that had been going on for years. Our counsellor helped us by teaching us proper communication skills.

It was also great having her input in what needed to change and why. Sometimes as husband and wife you get very stuck and stubborn. Our counsellor opened us up at looking at aspects of our relationship that needed to change in a very non-judgemental way.

I feel that our counsellor gave me the tools to be able to pull myself out of the hole and the importance of openly communicating with your partner . We have a much better relationship and if it hadn’t have been for our counselor, we wouldn’t be together now!!! Always grateful’ from the partner of a previously very distressed, now very happy couple.

‘Hello Pauline,
I’ve been interstate. Apologies for not contacting you sooner. Our session a couple of weeks ago helped to clarify what was troubling me. Many thanks for your patience and insight’ Marie.

‘I have had the privilege of working with Dr Pauline Enright for a number of years now, both on a training and professional collogue basis and as a fellow member of a number of professional counselling organizations. I have found Dr Pauline Enright highly professional and dedicated to whatever task or problem that she encounters and demonstrating both professional experience and wisdom, plus understanding both the Ethical and Professional boundaries that apply in all that she is involved with in dealing with others.

Dr Pauline Enright, has excellent attending and listening skills, and many other professional competency skills and training attributes, that allows her to work with people under high stress and in difficult and demanding situations, her professional practical experience, coupled with her solid personal philosophy is demonstrated in excellent understanding the personal needs of all those who she works with in her professional capacity.

I can highly recommended Dr Pauline Enright for any position that she might apply for as a highly trained and professional person who is able to work at the coal face with others in very difficult and challenging areas and situations in life, with both respect, empathy and understanding and the best possible professional practice outcome for all parties involved’ David, counselling assessor.

‘I have known Dr. Pauline Enright for four years as her Australian Counselling Association supervisor. Pauline has participated in individual professional supervision with me regarding counselling theory and practice as well as her own private growth through supervision. Pauline is a very competent counsellor who reflects critically on her work practice and endeavours to improve her skills constantly.

Pauline participates fully in her supervision sessions and presents client cases for secondary opinion and appraisal. Amongst her studies, she has completed various courses pertaining to Mindfulness and additional training relating to Adult Survivors of Trauma and Abuse, which we have had numerous supervision discussions about. Pauline has critically appraised the connection between Mindfulness and trauma and is aware of a clients presence in their trauma being a useful tool for a counsellor doing beneficial work with a client’ Michael, counsellor supervisor.

See also our Mindfulness Testimonials, as most counselling clients give their testimonial following Mindfulness Therapy or Training.

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