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Grief Counselling

When we lose something precious, like a family member, a friend or a beloved pet, grief counselling helps you understand what’s going on, begin to feel better and be more like your old self. Serious loss can lead to intense sadness and grief. At the time, we think we’ll never get over it. If this sounds like you, Grief Counselling can help you manage the heartache and find hope.


Grief is a normal reaction to serious loss. You have such pain you think you will never feel better. Your heart aches and you feel deep sadness. Depending on the loss, you may experience guilt, depression or anger. At the time, we think that we will never get over the awful feelings. But they are normal, part of being human, and will not last. It is our normal function to process the grief over time. And when we do, life returns to a new normal. In other words, the loss is now integrated into, and part of our life story.

Causes of grief include:

  • Death or divorce
  • Loss of job or finances
  • Loss of home by fire or flood
  • Breakdown of a close relationship
  • Loss of treasured object with personal meaning
  • Loss of limb or ability through accident or aging

Major losses, such as a child, can cause prolonged or complicated grief. This is more serious and needs extra help to prevent it from becoming entrenched and hard to shift.

We listen to clients suffering from grief with sensitivity and care. We don’t judge you or tell you to ‘get over it.’ We understand that we all deal with grief in different ways. Each person needs their own time to recover.

Getting help cannot change what we’ve lost, but it can make it easier to bear.

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