We have Enneagram courses to offer you. The Enneagram is something you should know about. Once you do, you will wish you had discovered it years ago.

When you discover the Enneagram, your eyes will be opened and your world enlarged. Whichever of the Enneagram courses you take, puzzles will be solved and riddles unravelled. Humans are inestimably complex. The Enneagram sheds light on these mysteries.

While a  personality model of rare accuracy, the Enneagram is not content with the mere level of personality. It  plunges beneath the mask, deeper into the human psych, to the realms of basic fears, desires and motivations – to the real you. Your gifts and talents, traps and obstacles are revealed. While explaining ordinary human behaviour, the Enneagram gives you a window on the soul beneath.

Enneagram Courses

Learning about the Enneagram is for individuals ready for personal and/or spiritual development, for couples who want to enhance their relationship. or workplaces who want to solve behaviour problems, promote team building or develop their leaders. In other words, the Enneagram is for everyone. Check out the following courses and decide which one is for you.

The Enneagram for Living

The Enneagram for Couples

The Enneagram at Work

Also check out the information and testimonial links under the ‘Enneagram’ tab. Get in touch and let us know your interest. I would love to share with you one of the most remarkable discoveries I have made in my search for what makes us tick.

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