Today, 24th October is Blue Knot Day, otherwise the Blue Knot Foundation’s annual national awareness day. Blue Knot is an organisation set up to support survivors of childhood abuse and trauma. Did you know that one in four people in Australia (or 5 million people) have suffered abuse of some kind during childhood? 

The Blue Knot Foundation offers support to those who have survived childhood abuse and trauma, and offers education and training to therapists. Having attended all their trainings, I can say that they are thorough, helpful and informative.

Blue Knot wants to inform individuals and workplaces about the effects of trauma, and how to better support survivors. Lack of relevant information can lead to workplaces, therapists and well-intentioned others inadvertently re-traumatising trauma survivors.

Blue Knot Day aims to spread the word that being trauma-informed is essential to giving the right assistance, whether you are a therapist, work colleague, family member or friend.

For more information, see: and be kind to others. You never know what they might be trying to recover from.

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