…. of Australians who regularly experience Anxiety? If you are not, you probably know someone who is. Recent ABS statistics show that anxiety regularly affects one in seven people in Australia.

Anxiety can be debilitating and spoil your day – and your life. Some people worry all day long. It’s hard to relax and ‘let go.’ Others worry only sometimes. And others feel only anxious rarely, if at all. Which of these are you? 

Understanding Anxiety

Anxiety has many sources. It can be caused by particular things, such as seeing a spider or going to the dentist. If not dealt with effectively, it can turn into a phobia.

For some people, anxiety is there all or most of all of the time, commonly called Generalised Anxiety Disorder or GAD for short.

Anxiety is the feeling of unease and stress we experience when we are challenged by something we fear we can’t cope with. Relationships, work, finance or just about anything can give us anxiety.

Some people experience anxiety more than others. There are several reasons for this. An important factor is the type of person you are. Genetic inheritance gives each person different coping skills. Those that we don’t have naturally are things we need to learn.

For some people, managing anxiety is the challenge. For others it might be managing anger or fear. Everyone has challenges! No-one gets off free. If managing anxiety is difficult for you, be assured, you will be ahead on something else.

Managing Anxiety

Learning to manage anxiety is like learning any other skill. You need to know what to do, and you need to do it. Half the battle is understanding the kind of anxiety you have and the cause. Is your anxiety around a particular life circumstance? Or is it something that is there all or most of the time? These questions will give you insight and help you identify your triggers.

To know more about anxiety and what you can do about it, check out: About Anxiety and Managing Anxiety. And if you would like some help, get in touch. You can phone, email, or book a session on-line. You will feel so much better!

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