Bereavement and Spirituality

Should spirituality be discussed when counselling a grieving client? This question becomes more pertinent if the loss is the death of a loved one. When exploring the meaning of a serious loss with clients, discussing spiritual beliefs can be helpful. At most it can be reassuring, and at least, it can put the loss into context.


Grief is the sad, unhappy feelings we have when we lose something precious. Grief is a normal reaction to an ‘abnormal’ situation.’ While the cause of our grief may not be part of our usual experience, it is likely to be a normal part of life.

Unhappy and unexpected events occur all the time. Serious events such as the death of a loved one, a severe disability, or losing a job can take one by surprise. The more serious the loss, the more intense the grief. Read more

Enneagram Course 2018

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The Enneagram is your chance for self-discovery and relationship building – know yourself and knowing others. What else could be more important? Knowing how to make the best of ourselves and overcome our obstacles is essential to getting the most out of life. And relationships are important to everyone, no matter what your time of your life you are in or how you spend that time. Read more

Radical Change

You can achieve radical change if you really want to, as you will see from what a client has said. The client recently finished her Mindfulness course. She was exceptionally pleased, shown in her feedback, which she has given me permission to share: “Not only has MiCBT literally saved my life, it has given me so much hope for the future … Read more

Mindfulness Feedback

Mindfulness feedback shows you what our clients think. Mindfulness is an effective method of managing stress and disturbing thoughts. See feedback comments received in the last couple of weeks from two satisfied clients: ‘Mindfulness has taught me how to process my thoughts and experiences rationally and without judgement. I have learnt how to be compassionate towards myself’’

‘Easier to be happy, clear, relaxed. This course changed my life!!!!!!!!!!’

See more testimonials: Mindfulness Testimonials. Read more

Remember Enneagram Course this Saturday

There is still time to enrol for Enneagram Course Part 1 this Saturday 18th February, 1.30pm-4.30pm. See course link for details. Only $50, but worth so much more!

Discover how much personality impacts everything you feel, think and do. Most people have no idea just how much influence personality has in their life. Read more

Grieving Children

Children everywhere are gong back to school. For some it will be a return. For others, it will be a new beginning. Some will readily adjust. Others will find it harder. They will feel acutely the loss of familiar routines and the impact of starting new ones. Some may even suffer symptoms of grief. So it is an opportune time to remind ourselves that just like adults, children can experience grief. And just like adults, we can help them through it. Read more

About Grief

Sadly, there is much grief and distress in our communities right now. Events far and near touch us deeply, as we mourn for lost lives and senseless suffering. Grief is a very intense, sad feeling that we experience when we lose something precious. It does not matter what the item is, if it is important to us, we are likely to grieve if we lose or begin to lose it.

We especially grieve for other vulnerable, innocent human beings, adults and especially children. My eyes were more than a little moist this morning when I watched the television news while waiting for my dental appointment, and saw the flowers placed as caring memorials in Melbourne CBD. Read more

Enneagram and Personality

The idea that there are specific, identifiable personality types that apply to all people at all times strikes some people as odd. Yet, when you think about it, if there are patterns in the rest of nature, why could there not be in human beings?

What is Personality?

Personality is defined as being the typical patterns of acting, feeling and thinking that all people have. It is sometimes thought of as collections of traits or habits. We form these collections from when we are very young. They are our coping mechanisms for navigating our way through life. The Enneagram is a model that gives you deep insight into our personality patterns and how and why we get them. Read more

The Best for You in 2017

Enneagram Course Starting February 2017

2017 already I hear you say! What do you want for this year? If you are looking to move forward in your life, love and relationships, there is nothing I could recommend more than learning about the Enneagram. It is knowledge that everyone should have. Why? Because it gives insight into the most important areas of life.

Knowing about yourself and your loved ones is key to living well. Personality knowledge is crucial to overcoming your obstacles and developing your strengths. The Enneagram gives you that knowledge. Read more

Counselling over Christmas

Radiance Hobart Counselling and Self-Development will close down for face-to-face counselling from Thursday 22nd December to Wednesday 5th January inclusive. Normal face-to-face counselling will resume on Thursday 6th January.

There will be telephone counselling available between Christmas and New Year. For details of days and times, and how to book a session, go to the Appointments Booking Calendar. You will find all the information you need there.Read more