Scope of Practice Registered Counsellors

The Scope of Practice for Registered Counsellors document will advance the struggle for recognition of registered counsellors by the government (federal, state, territory, local), medical and mental health professions, employers, training providers and the public. The Australian Counselling Association has just released this document, which outlines what counsellors actually do and ‘what constitutes a registered counsellor.’Read more

Satisfied Clients - Mindfulness

Mindfulness Therapy

Another client has benefitted from completing a course in Mindfulness Therapy. This is more than learning how to pay attention to what you are doing or sit still and feel the breath.

When you learn Mindfulness therapeutically, you gain a whole lot of strategies that help you live your life more effectively and meaningfully. You are prepared for the difficult and unexpected that could be just around the corner, ready to destabilise you. You know how to stay grounded and stable.

Here are the latest comments: Read more

Mindfulness Feedback

My clients love Mindfulness ): . I had two more satisfied clients today who have just completed their course. See the feedback on evaluation forms that shows what they think:

“My stress levels have improved. I am sleeping better. I don’t always just think of the worse case scenario but think of the positives also. Learned lessons with communicating in difficult situations. This course has me helped me after a traumatic experience and showed me how to get through with day to day life” and another ...Read more

The Enneagram

If you have ever stopped to self-reflect, or wondered why people do what they do, you would love and benefit from the Enneagram. When I first learned about it, I was blown away by its accuracy and insight. If only everyone knew about it and took advantage of its wisdom, the world would be a better place. Read more

Blue Knot Day

Today, 24th October is Blue Knot Day, otherwise the Blue Knot Foundation’s annual national awareness day. Blue Knot is an organisation set up to support survivors of childhood abuse and trauma. Did you know that one in four people in Australia (or 5 million people) have suffered abuse of some kind during childhood? Read more

Are you one of the 14.25%?

…. of Australians who regularly experience Anxiety? If you are not, you probably know someone who is. Recent ABS statistics show that anxiety regularly affects one in seven people in Australia.

Anxiety can be debilitating and spoil your day – and your life. Some people worry all day long. It’s hard to relax and ‘let go.’ Others worry only sometimes. And others feel only anxious rarely, if at all. Which of these are you? Read more

About Stress

Is Stress ever a problem for you?

Stress affects us all at some time. Work, family, money and health are just some of the things we have to juggle. It can all get a bit much to cope with, and stress creeps in. Understanding stress and how it affects us can make things easier to manage.

Stress refers to pressure or tension on an object or person. Stress is like a weight pushing against something or pushing it down. Buildings under stress get stress fractures and so do people.

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Glenorchy Mental Health Expo

Glenorchy Mental Health Expo

I spent this morning on my stall at the Mental Health Expo held at the Glenorchy Linc. It was a very heart-warming experience - lots of lovely people to meet and chat to, both other stall holders and the public. Here are some pictures of me and my wares ... Read more

'I' or 'We?'

Something I’m asked about from time to time, is why people, when writing marketing material, web pages, blog posts etc, use the third person, or sole traders use ‘we’ and ‘our’ instead of just ‘I’ or ‘my.’

This topic was brought up in discussion when I did my small business training years ago. A participant asked why it was that people in business wrote about themselves as if they were someone else, or sole-traders used plural pronouns rather than singular? Read more


Welcome to the first blog entry for Radiance Hobart Counselling & Self-Development! Radiance replaces two previous business names: Socratic Solutions and Hobart Counselling.

Radiance Hobart Counselling & Self-Development offers a combination of the counselling services previously offered by Hobart Counselling, and the self-development programmes previously offered by Socratic Solutions. You will find out more by exploring the website.

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