The Scope of Practice for Registered Counsellors document will advance the struggle for recognition of registered counsellors by the government (federal, state, territory, local), medical and mental health professions, employers, training providers and the public. The Australian Counselling Association has just released this document, which outlines what counsellors actually do and ‘what constitutes a registered counsellor.’

The document is comprehensive in detailing the various levels of counsellor competence and what that means in practice. Registered counsellors can perform many functions, such as deliver psychological therapies, which assist clients to restore and maintain sound mental wellbeing.

Registered counsellors use evidence-based practices, and in some instances, are able to conduct assessments and diagnose mental illness. The Scope of Practice document shows the relationship between counsellor competence and Level of Registration, from ‘1’ to ‘4.’

While I do not think the struggle for recognition is over yet, I am hopeful that this comprehensive document will advance it one step further. To view the document, please see: Scope of Practice for Registered Counsellors.

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