Mindfulness Therapy

Another client has benefitted from completing a course in Mindfulness Therapy. This is more than learning how to pay attention to what you are doing or sit still and feel the breath.

When you learn Mindfulness therapeutically, you gain a whole lot of strategies that help you live your life more effectively and meaningfully. You are prepared for the difficult and unexpected that could be just around the corner, ready to destabilise you. You know how to stay grounded and stable.

Here are the latest comments: 

‘I have become more “present” in my interactions with others. I have felt “supported” and “safe” to speak about my issues with Pauline and learnt strategies to move forward’ Angela.

For more comments, see: Mindfulness Testimonials.

Mindfulness practice is not just sitting still and having a nice, relaxing time, as some people would have you think. It is about learning how to tolerate and manage difficult or unpleasant feelings. So to stay safe while you are learning the techniques, you are advised to be guided by a trained therapist, not just someone who has just picked it up as a side-line.

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Between Stimulus and Response, man has the freedom to choose (Stephen Covey)