Welcome to the first blog entry for Radiance Hobart Counselling & Self-Development! Radiance replaces two previous business names: Socratic Solutions and Hobart Counselling.

Radiance Hobart Counselling & Self-Development offers a combination of the counselling services previously offered by Hobart Counselling, and the self-development programmes previously offered by Socratic Solutions. You will find out more by exploring the website.

Changing things over into the new name has been a huge, frequently frustrating, but nevertheless, rewarding job. Almost, but not quite finished! Launching a new Face book page is one of the latest tasks.

In this Blog, I plan to give you interesting and important information about self-care. Looking after one’s emotional and mental health is crucial to living a full and flourishing life. Everything we do is affected by it. If our health in these important areas is poor, we fail to make the wisest decisions or act at our best. Communication, family, relationships and work all suffer.

My work focuses on the three aspects of emotional and mental health – ‘repair’, ‘maintenance’ and ‘flourishing.’ That is, healing the wounds when things go wrong or are not working properly, learning the skills to keep one healthy, and finally, raising the bar to living and being at one’s very best. I look forward to sharing important insights with you in future posts.

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Between Stimulus and Response, man has the freedom to choose (Stephen Covey)