Radical Change

You can achieve radical change if you really want to, as you will see from what a client has said. The client recently finished her Mindfulness course. She was exceptionally pleased, shown in her feedback, which she has given me permission to share: “Not only has MiCBT literally saved my life, it has given me so much hope for the future … Read more

Mindfulness Feedback

Mindfulness feedback shows you what our clients think. Mindfulness is an effective method of managing stress and disturbing thoughts. See feedback comments received in the last couple of weeks from two satisfied clients: ‘Mindfulness has taught me how to process my thoughts and experiences rationally and without judgement. I have learnt how to be compassionate towards myself’’

‘Easier to be happy, clear, relaxed. This course changed my life!!!!!!!!!!’

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Satisfied Clients - Mindfulness

Mindfulness Therapy

Another client has benefitted from completing a course in Mindfulness Therapy. This is more than learning how to pay attention to what you are doing or sit still and feel the breath.

When you learn Mindfulness therapeutically, you gain a whole lot of strategies that help you live your life more effectively and meaningfully. You are prepared for the difficult and unexpected that could be just around the corner, ready to destabilise you. You know how to stay grounded and stable.

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Mindfulness Feedback

My clients love Mindfulness ): . I had two more satisfied clients today who have just completed their course. See the feedback on evaluation forms that shows what they think:

“My stress levels have improved. I am sleeping better. I don’t always just think of the worse case scenario but think of the positives also. Learned lessons with communicating in difficult situations. This course has me helped me after a traumatic experience and showed me how to get through with day to day life” and another ...Read more