Mindfulness for Couples is a course to help couples manage stress in their relationships. As we know, many couples experience relationship problems. For example, it’s not easy to always agree on everything. And even when you love each other a lot, difficulties can still arise.

Unresolved difficulties can cause tension and stress. Many couples turn to Couples Counselling for help. This can be very beneficial, as it helps couples to better understand each other’s point of view.

Couples experiencing difficulties will also benefit by learning how to manage stress. Mindfulness for Couples teaches stress management and other important wellbeing skills. Accordingly, the course forms a valuable addition to Couples Counselling.

Mindfulness for Couples

The course is delivered in 8 session, or longer if needed. For best results, sessions are held weekly. But this is adaptable as needed. During sessions, couples undergo couples counselling in the normal way. In addition, they learn Mindfulness and other valuable skills. You commit to attending all sessions, doing the twice-daily 30-minute meditations and carrying out weekly activities.

These practices and activities will help you to develop the skills you need to manage stress and the difficulties in your relationship. To help you with your practice, you receive notes about what you have learned in the sessions. For your guided meditations, you have the choice of access to on-line recordings or CDs. Not only will the course help you manage your current relationship problems, it will also give you life-long skills that will serve you well in all the difficulties and unpredictable situations that lie ahead.

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If your relationship is suffering from stress, Mindfulness for Couples is the help you need. Contact us to find out more.

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