Psychotherapy refers to psychological therapy. In other words, working therapeutically with a person’s psychological states. There are many forms, some of which have been around for many years, others are more recent.


The word ‘therapy’ is used when referring to treatment for some kind of disorder. The aim of therapy is to cure the disorder. Therapy is the branch of medicine that aims to heal whatever is unwell and restore it to its healthy state.

There are many kinds of therapy. Physiotherapy aims to heal physical injury by things such as movement, exercise and massage. Craniosacral therapy aims to correct structural imbalances by working in various ways with the body’s energy. These and similar therapies work directly with the body, rather than with drugs.


Psychotherapy works with the mind, without the use of drugs. This does not mean that a person could not be taking drugs when undergoing Psychotherapy. The drugs might be an aspect of their treatment, but would not be an aspect of Psychotherapy.

Psychotherapy is a method of healing disordered psychological or mental states. The disorder could be serious, such as one found in the DSM diagnostic manual. Or less serious, such as mild or temporary anxiety, depression or stress.  Most mental health therapists use Psychotherapy in some form.

Recognised counselling training usually includes training in traditional forms of psychological therapies, such as Cognitive Behaviour Therapy or Solution Focused Therapy.

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In addition to the traditional therapies, there are specialist areas. Some therapies address a person’s thought processes, others their feelings and emotions. Others work indirectly, such as with art, movement or dreams. New forms of therapy appear as more about the mind and brain is discovered.

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