Navigating Change is a course that will help you understand and manage change. Change is part of modern life. We often hear that phrase. And of course, it is true. But change is a natural part of life at any time at all. From one moment to the next, everything and everyone is changing. It is the way of all existing things and people. Yet change can disturb us and take us out of our comfort zone.


Workplaces today have been subject to massive changes over the last 30 or so years. The rise of technology has brought with it changes locally and globally. New skills have had to be learnt, and old skills have become redundant. People doing the same jobs for years find their services and expertise are no longer needed.

Globalisation has resulted in the closing down of many manufacturing enterprises in Australia and other parts of the world. Staff are more mobile than ever before. Holding down the same job for life is no longer the norm.

Private Life

Private life and relationships have changed as gender roles and family structures have been re-defined. Changes occur throughout life as we negotiate the milestones of birth, death marriage and all that’s in between – children leaving home, menopause, old age and more.

We are all subject to life’s changes, both at home and at work. Some affect us more than others. Those that take us by surprise or that we don’t like can be hard to deal with. We can feel disoriented and threatened.

Understanding the nature of change will help you avoid its potential negative affects. You will better manage things, so that you emerge more confident and positive than you might have done otherwise.

The Course Navigating Change

The course is a short 3-hour workshop that explains the nature of change, what to expect when it occurs, and how to see it through. You will learn about and discuss:

  • The nature of change
  • The stages of change
  • How to move smoothly through the stages
  • The ‘new beginnings’ at the final stage

The course is suitable for anyone who wants to better understand and manage change, both in the workplace and in private life. If you want to improve your skills to cope with change, Navigating Change will will help you.

Se also downloadable PDF: Navigating Change 2019

If you are a workplace, contact us if you would like this course for your staff. Private individuals, let us know your interest. Perhaps you know others also? As soon as we have enough participants, we will schedule a course.

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