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If you suffer from Anxiety, counselling can help. Get things off your off your chest and ease the tension.

Life is full of unpredictability, constant change, challenges and disappointments. It’s easy for us to feel overwhelmed, anxious or stressed. It is not easy to bounce back bright and breezy all the time!

Anxiety is the feeling of being anxious, apprehensive, concerned, fearful, nervous, stressed or worried. You feel uneasy and unable to manage your feelings. You tense up or feel sick or shaky. Anything that makes you feel threatened or frightened can cause anxiety.

General Anxiety

If you’re feeling anxious most of the time, you may have Generalised Anxiety Disorder or GAD. With GAD you are always worried, even when there is no real cause. It seems something bad is going to happen at any moment and everything is going to end in disaster.

People who suffer from GAD get so used to it that it becomes their normal way of living. They often don’t realise they could overcome it and be more relaxed and positive.

Specific Anxiety

A person may also feel anxious when they are afraid of certain things or situations. Specific forms of being anxious include agoraphobia, panic, phobia, social anxiety and trauma.

Whatever is causing those distressing feelings, it is important to get help before they get out of control. Don’t let them overwhelm you. Learn the skills you need to take charge.

Instead of being stressed, you’ll be comfortable and happier. We can help you explore and understand your fears. Mindfulness therapy (MiCBT) is especially helpful in overcoming your fears, learning how to stay calm, and feeling so much better!

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Between Stimulus and Response, man has the freedom to choose (Stephen Covey)