The Enneagram for Individuals is a course in Self-Development. If you are doing some soul-searching or looking for a new direction, this course is for you.

The Enneagram for Individuals

Self-development is something in which we should all be interested. But we often don’t know how to get started. The Enneagram points the way. A personality model, it shows you the collection of attitudes, behaviours, habits and traits that belong to each type. We all have a personality, but often do not know much about it.

We wonder why we behave in certain ways but not in others. ‘Why are some things so hard for me but not for my friends’ we may think. Or – ‘… how is it my friend is so introverted and I am so outgoing?’ The Enneagram helps to answer these questions. It provides a fantastic path to self-exploration and self-development.

Attending an Enneagram group course is a great way to meet and learn about other people. But this isn’t always possible. There may not be a course running at this particular time. You may be struggling with a certain issue that you want to explore in depth. Or you may prefer to do your self-exploration alone rather than with others.

The Enneagram for Individuals is a way to learn about the Enneagram at your own pace, in you own way. There are a total of ten sessions, but you can stop at any time you feel you have had enough or know enough to solve your problem. Each session brings new insights and new skills. There are activities to carry out between sessions so that you learn, progress and improve.

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About the Enneagram 2020
About the Enneagram for Individuals 2020

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