There is still time to enrol for Enneagram Course Part 1 this Saturday 18th February, 1.30pm-4.30pm. See course link for details. Only $50, but worth so much more!

Discover how much personality impacts everything you feel, think and do. Most people have no idea just how much influence personality has in their life. 

Understand others more

If you would like to understand yourself or other people more, this course will give you a head start. You will learn about the different personality types, where they come from and why we have them. You will never look at life the same way again!

Enneagram Model

The Enneagram is a personality model unique in its accuracy and insight. It is actually much more than a personality model, but personality is a user-friendly way to start your journey of insight and personal growth.

Enneagram Course

Part 1 introduces the Enneagram model, the Intelligence Centres, the nine types, the Spiritual Enneagram and more. Let me know as soon as possible if you would like to attend. The link will take you to the course information and how to enrol.

And contact me if you would like to know more.

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