Philosophy for Living is a series of non-academic, user friendly philosophy courses. You explore the ‘big questions’ of life with a group of others. You listen, discuss, put your views forward, and generally have fun.

Philosophy is something many people find interesting. People sometimes ask questions that probe beneath ordinary, everyday matters, such as: ‘How did I come to be here?’ ‘What makes a good life, or a good person?’ ‘Is there a God?’ or ‘What makes some things right and others wrong?’ These questions are Philosophical Questions.

If you like the idea of discussing these kinds of questions, Philosophy for Living will interest you. Socrates famously said that ‘the unexamined life is not worth living.’ When you ‘do philosophy,’ you examine the values that you live by, making your life richer and more meaningful.

Philosophy for Living

Philosophy for Living consists of a series of 4-week courses. Sessions last for 2-hours, with a short break for refreshments. You receive notes for each session so that you have a record of what was presented and discussed.

You begin by learning what Philosophy is and its major areas of interest. You build on this by exploring topics in more detail. Each session consists of a presentation of a particular topic, a break for refreshments and a period for discussion. The venue will most likely be a 1/5 Montgomery Court, Sandy Bay, or nearby, depending on numbers.

Philosophy for Living is ideal for people who have never done philosophy before. Topics are explained in simple language so you can understand them easily. But you’ll also learn some philosophy terms that you’re likely to come across so you know what they mean when you do.

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