Learn about your personality with The Enneagram for Living. Your personality is a doorway to who you really are.

What is the Enneagram for Living?

Learn about your personality with The Enneagram for Living. Your personality is a doorway to who you really are.

The Enneagram for Living is a personal development course for people who want to know more about themselves and others in their lives. They want to live more successfully and happily. In fact, they have reached that stage in life where they want to do some serious self-development. Many people want to become more ‘emotionally mature’ and handle themselves in a better way, both in ordinary life, and especially when in stress or crisis. Knowing about the Enneagram will help you do that.

When you start to self-reflect on your life, you realise that there is more to you than you really know or understand. What makes you who you are? Why do you do some things and not others? See things in a certain way, similar to some people, but vastly different to other people? If you are doing or want to do some soul-searching, this course is for you.

Course Content

This course covers important aspects of personality. As you go through the course, you learn about the various structures that make up our particular character, why we see the world in a certain way, what motivates us and how we develop specific attitudes and preferences. Importantly, the course covers the aspects of personality that we struggle with – those parts of ourselves we would like to change and the obstacles we want to overcome, and how we can do that.

Also, you will learn about other people and their different priorities. This helps you to understand them more. Your relationships will improve. The Enneagram is rich, perceptive and life-changing. You will have a head-start in handling difficult situations and getting more out of life.

Course Format and Delivery

Due to the COVID pandemic, in-person group courses are currently suspended. But you don’t have to miss out! There are now two pre-recorded versions available, audio and video. You can enrol for these at any time, and listen at your convenience.

For more information on the Enneagram and the audio and video courses, please follow the links below:

About the Enneagram
The Enneagram for Living Audio Course
The Enneagram for Living Video Course

Please also see the following PDFs:

About the Enneagram 2022
About the Enneagram for Living 2022

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