What is Mastering Emotions?

Mastering Emotions is a course that tells you about emotions (or feelings), how we get them, and importantly, how to manage them. As human beings, we all have feelings. They are a natural way that we respond to our experiences and the people around us. In fact, life without emotions would be pretty bland and for most of us, also boring.

However, wonderful as they are, emotions can get out of control. If we want to avoid disastrous consequences, we need to be able to manage them. Mastering Emotions will give you the skills. This brief to-the-point course will enable you to be in charge of your emotions, rather than letting them take charge of you.

Do our Feelings Matter?

Our feelings bring our experiences to life. So we would never want to get rid of them. But for most of us, there are times when our emotions are very strong and make us unhappy. Not only that, they get us into trouble!

When in private life, things don’t always go to plan, we easily find ourselves overreacting or catastrophising. Then we might lash out and say things that we regret later. Moreover, as well as feeling bad about those we have upset, we feel bad in ourselves. We wish we could take more control of our feelings.

As well, in workplaces, people become stressed and anxious. Charged emotions prompt us to say things out of turn. Then feelings are hurt and self-esteem is weakened. More seriously, bullying and harassment can result. Inevitably, there are adverse outcomes for both staff and management.

Mastering Emotions Course Details

The course covers the traditional four components: Self-Awareness, Self-Management, Social Awareness and Relationship Management. For more details on these quadrants, see the link Emotional Intelligence.

Content consists of PowerPoint presentation, commentary, discussion and activities. More specifically, it depends on which version of the course you take. Delivery is normally to in-person to groups, both private, and workplace. However, due to the difficulties of groups during the pandemic, they are presently suspended.

Instead, we have developed a pre-recorded video version that you can watch at any time. Activities that would normally have been carried out by group discussion have been translated into take-home activities for you to complete between units.

For more specific information about the video course and to enrol, see the link: Mastering Emotions Video Course. Also see PDF: About Mastering Emotions. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

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