The Enneagram for Living Zoom Course

A new initiative, the Enneagram for Living Zoom Course makes the Enneagram available in an easy-to-access, live, interactive format. Following the launch of the pre-recorded audio and video versions of the course, we are now offering a course in real-time, where you can discuss issues with others, rather than being a sole learner.  Constructed in 7 modules, the course begins in June 2022. To read the course flyer, please see: ELZ Course Flyer.

Course times and Dates

Each Module is delivered in one or two 2.5-hour sessions, scheduled to run on Saturday afternoons from 2.00pm – 4.30pm. Modules 1-3 each comprise 2 sessions, Modules 4-7 each comprise 1 session. Further, in the event of over-enrolment, we may offer an alternative time on the same dates from 10.00am – 12.30pm.

Module 1: Enneagram Foundations is scheduled for 2.00pm – 4.30pm on Saturdays 11th and 25th June. Dates for the remaining Modules are tentatively scheduled on the dates below. There is a small amount of flexibility with dates, which we’ll discuss with participants who wish to continue with the course. Participants enrol for each Module separately, and while we fully recommend all Modules to get a full understanding of the Enneagram, you decide how far you wish to go. When you enrol for each Module, you are not committed to attending other Modules. So why not give Module 1 a try? You have nothing to lose, but so much to gain!

Module 1: Enneagram Foundations
Confirmed dates: 11th and 25th June

Module 2: Behaviour Patterns
Proposed dates: 9th and 23rd July

Module 3: The Levels of Behaviour
Proposed dates: 13th and 27th August

Module 4: The Instinctual Variants
Proposed date: 24th September

Module 5: Integration of the Centres
Proposed date: 8th October

Module 6: Childhood Patterns
Proposed date: 22nd October

Module 7: The Spiritual Enneagram
Proposed date: 5th November

Course Content

The course covers important Enneagram structures, each of which affects attitudes and behaviours. For full details of the course content, please see: ELZ Course Content.


You enrol for each Module separately. To enrol in Module 1, you need to submit by email an enrolment form with your details. We will then email you an invoice with payment details. Once your payment has been received and cleared, we will confirm your enrolment by email. Please enrol ASAP to secure your place. Enrolment form: ELZ Course Enrolment Form. Prior to submitting your form, please see: Important Information about attending The Enneagram for Living Zoom Course.

Attendees at Module 1 will be eligible to enrol in Module 2. We will confirm dates and enrolments for Module 2 by the end of Module 1 so that payment and materials can be arranged. Further, you won’t need to fill a form in each time once we have your details. In fact, if you wish to continue, please confirm you attendance at each Module by the end of the previous one.

Other Information

You will see general information about the Enneagram under the Enneagram tab in the main menu. Other documents you will want to look at are:

About The Enneagram 2022
About the Enneagram for Living 2022


The cost per participant is $75 each for Modules 1-4 (each 2-sessions) and $50 each for Modules 5-7 (each 1 session). The fee includes attendance, schedule and comprehensive workbook. When enrolling in Module 1, please submit your payment as soon as you receive your invoice so the payment can be cleared in time before the course begins. You will be able to pay for each subsequent Module as soon as you confirm attendance.

 To secure your place, please send in your enrolment for Module 1 Enneagram Foundations as soon as possible. You will be enthralled and amazed by what you discover. I look forward to hearing from you.

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