The Enneagram for Living Audio Course

The Enneagram for Living – New Audio Course
Popular Enneagram course is now available in Audio Form!
Download and listen at your convenience – details below

As you might know, The Enneagram for Living has been offered in face-to-face group courses for several years. However, due to current COVID uncertainty, we are now trialling some on-line versions. First ‘cab of the rank’ is an audio version, which you can conveniently download and save to your device. Many people enjoy listening to podcasts these days, so we have made this our first new option. You can listen anytime, especially while you are walking. As well as the audio files, there are notes to read, so you get the course in 2 versions, all for less than the price of one. Most of us have very little knowledge or understanding of personality, although it is with us every moment of every day. In fact, personality influences everything you do, your moods, preferences and attitudes.

There are two Parts to the course, each with 6 units, totalling 12 in all. In Part 1: Enneagram Fundamentals, you will learn about the structures of personality, and how they show up in each human being. We explore each of the types, typical behaviour patterns, high and low levels of behaviour and more. In Part 2: Enneagram Advanced, we cover positive and negative influences, instinctual attitudes and concerns, paths to integration, childhood, spirituality and more.

Why do this course?

Do you want to understand yourself more, why you do what you do, or live your life in a particular way? If you are someone who enjoys self-development, making the most of yourself and striving to overcome your obstacles and bad habits (we all have them), then this could be just the help you need. Or maybe you want to understand others more and why they are different from you  – or similar? By embarking on this course, you will gain valuable knowledge that you will wish you had known years ago. Importantly, it will not only contribute to your own wellbeing, but also to the relationships in your life, both personal and business.

Structure and Content

The course is delivered in audio format. Each presentation varies, lasting from between 20-minutes to just under one hour. Part 1 totals about 3.5 hours, and Part 2 around 4-hours. Each Unit is accompanied by comprehensive notes and activities to consolidate learning.

Part 1: Enneagram Fundamentals

1: Introduction to the Enneagram
2: The Body Centre Types
3: The Heart Centre Types
4: The Head Centre Types
5: The Levels of Behaviour
6: The Wings

Part 2: Enneagram Advanced

7: Triad Behaviours
8: The Directions
9: The Instinctual Variants
10: The Integration of the Centres
11: The Childhood Patterns
12: The Spiritual Enneagram

Cost of The Enneagram for Living Audio Course

The cost of each Part is $100. This covers audio files for the six units, plus the comprehensive notes and activities. In fact, the course is truly worth so much more than this, not only in the amount of time that has been put into developing it, but not the least in the benefits you will gain. Due to the very low cost of what you will receive, I request that you respect the time and effort put into developing the course, and do not share it or the links with anyone. Please refer any interested friends or family to enrol for the course themselves – thank you.

To Enrol for The Enneagram for Living Audio Course

To enrol, go to the Contact Page and submit an email with your name, email address and phone number. Please specify whether you are enrolling for Part 1 or Part 2 (or both). Then an invoice with payment details will be emailed to you. On receipt of your payment, a copy of the audio links and a file with the notes will be emailed to you.

For more information about the Enneagram and about this course, click on the following downloadable PDF files:

About The Enneagram 2020
About the Enneagram for Living Audio Course 2021

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