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The Enneagram for Living Audio Course

For several years we have offered The Enneagram for Living in face-to-face group courses. But now, due to COVID concerns, we are offering the course in pre-recorded audio and video versions. Although they both contain the same content, they’re structured slightly differently in accordance with the medium used.

Many people enjoy podcasts these days. Similarly, this audio version of the Enneagram for Living is especially convenient. In fact, you can listen to it at any time, such as when walking, cooking or at the gym. Also, the text of all the recordings is also provided in written form in two comprehensive workbooks. For a brief (1.5-minutes) audio introduction click here.

The Enneagram for Living Audio Course Structure and Content

Regarding structure, the course is ordered into two parts: Part 1 Enneagram Fundamentals and Part 2 Enneagram Advanced. Further, each Part comprises 6 Units, presented in individual audio files, ranging from 20-minutes to just under one hour. In fact, the total time for Part 1 audio files is 3.5 hours and Part 2, around 4-hours. As well as the workbooks containing all the text in written form, they also contain comprehensive take-home activities to consolidate learning. In summary, content is as follows:

Part 1: The Enneagram model, personality, structures and traits, the nine types, the Intelligence Centres, blind spots, information to help you identify your type, influences from other types, levels of behaviour and more.

Part 2: Behaviour patterns, habits of responding, disintegration and integration, The Instincts, Childhood Patterns, the Spiritual Enneagram and much more.

The Enneagram for Living Audio Course Costs and Enrolment

To enrol for full course in one enrolment: $160 (save $20)
If you enrol separately: Parts 1 and 2 – $90 each.

To enrol please complete and submit enrolment form with your details. For access to your enrolment form please click here. On receipt of your form, we’ll email you an invoice with payment details. As soon as your payment is cleared, we’ll email all materials to you.

For More Information

See PDF: About the Enneagram for Living Audio Course 2022 and the course flyer: About the Enneagram for Living Audio Course Flyer 2022.

For information about The Enneagram, please see the link: About the Enneagram and PDF: About the Enneagram 2022.

And to know more about the Enneagram for Living courses, see link: About the Enneagram for Living and PDF: About The Enneagram for Living 2022.

If you have any questions, please send an email via the Contact Page.

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