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Counselling On-line Booking Calendar

Relaxed conditions for face-to-face counselling

Please read all the information on the Counselling On-line Booking Calendar page before making a booking. Even if you have booked before, please check the page each time you book for updated COVID information. Conditions for face-to-face counselling are updated in line with current conditions. While we still need to observe precautions, some conditions have been relaxed. In fact, because I have now had my 4th vaccination (being in the cohort that needs that extra booster), I am no longer insisting that you are fully vaccinated in order to attend face-to-face. But out of courtesy and consideration for your therapist and other clients, I would prefer that you are. We know that the pandemic is still causing illness and death, so we still need to be vigilant for our own wellbeing and for that of others.

Conditions for Face-to Face Counselling

Before you book your session via the Counselling On-line Booking Calendar, please observe the following conditions for face-to-face counselling. This will ensure that all clients (including you) and counsellor are not put at any risk.

  • Please only attend in person if you:
    • Are not diagnosed with COVID 19
    • Feel well and experiencing no COVID symptoms on the day of your appointment
    • Please wash or sanitise you hands on arrival at your session

Please book for phone or Zoom counselling if you are unable to meet any of the above criteria. If you have booked face-to-face and need to change on the day, send me an email that morning and I can send you a Zoom link or arrange to phone you. Please keep in touch with the booking page for updates.

Some useful links below for you to check out before booking, depending on what you are booking for: Counselling Booking Information, Your First Counselling Session,  About Counselling, Face-to-face, Phone Counselling, Zoom Counselling, Counselling Supervision.

What to do if you are unwell and have a session booked

  • If it is 48 hours or more before your session, please contact me by phone or email to reschedule.
  • In cases of less than 48-hours, please contact me to change to phone or Zoom if you possibly can.
  • Genuine emergencies will be dealt with compassionately. Forgetting, sleeping in, working overtime or feeding the dog do not count as emergencies.

Counselling Fees

Counselling fees are kept as low as possible, and cover at least as much time out of sessions working on your issues and preparing for your sessions as the time spent with you, as well as many overheads. Most cases need several sessions, so consider booking sessions ahead and receiving generous discounts, listed below. Please note: the discounts apply only when booking multiple sessions in a single booking. You book as normal, and apply the discount codes listed below. Sessions can be consecutive (one after the other if you want a double session) or on different dates and times. Please note: a fee may apply to cover time if you repeatedly change a booking to a different time. It’s a good idea to plan ahead for contingencies when booking multiple sessions.

Single Session Fees

Sessions – Individual – Coaching or Counselling

Book 1 session 50-minutes  $100

Sessions – Couples Counselling

Book 1 session 50-minutes  $120

Sessions – Supervision

Counselling Supervision 50-minutes   $75
First 12-months 50-minutes     $70

Multiple Session Fees

Sessions – Individual Counselling

Book 2 sessions     $190     Save $10
Book 3 sessions     $275     Save $25
Book 4 sessions     $360     Save $40

Sessions – Couples Counselling

Book 2 sessions     $230     Save $10
Book 3 sessions     $335     Save $25
Book 4 sessions     $440    Save $40

Counselling Rebates

If your private health fund membership covers counselling, you may be eligible for rebates from the following funds: AHM, CUA, Doctors Health, Emergency Services Health, Grand United Health, Medibank, Phoenix Health, Police Health, St Luke’s. You claim directly from the fund and will need an invoice with a provider number on it to do this. Let me know if you need an invoice and I can issue one by email at the end of the month. Or, if you would like a hard copy at your session, please put a note to this effect in the ‘Comments’ Box on the booking form, and I will have it ready for you.

Counselling On-line Booking Calendar Appointment times

Please note that these times refer to Tasmanian times, which are EST (Australian Eastern Standard Time). If this is not your time zone, you will need to make the adjustment at your end as needed.

Mondays   Tuesdays   Wednesdays   Thursdays   Fridays at the following times:
1.00pm.   2.30pm.   4.00pm.   5.30pm.

The gaps between sessions allow me time to complete notes and carry out sanitisation procedures.
To allow me to complete these tasks, please do not arrive more than 5-minutes before your session time.

Booking Your Session via the On-line Counselling Booking Calendar

To make your booking, choose the date and time from the calendar below. If booking more than one session, please choose all the sessions you wish to book. Make sure you enter the discount codes (instructions below). The ‘Cost’ box will appear as zero, but the fee will show once you have chosen your session(s). Complete your details on the form below the calendar, including ticking the box for Face-to-Face, Phone or Zoom. The discount codes for multiple bookings are listed by the calendar.

If you have already attended a session and I have your details, you can put ‘details given’ in the address and date of birth section. To use a discount code, enter it into the section marked ‘Coupon code (optional).’ Further, if you wish to give any information before your session, enter this in the ‘Comments’ box. Please keep this to brief information only.


If you are booking a Couples session, please enter your partner’s details in the Comments box, (name, phone number, date of birth, email address, home address if different from yours) as this will save time at your session. It is also useful for you both to have considered and discussed why you are coming – what you want to get out of the sessions. This will save you both time and money.


On completing your form, choose your session option from the drop-down menu: ‘Please select from the options below.’ Press ‘Continue,’ and you will go to the Paypal page. IMPORTANT: Please do not press the back button once you reach the Paypal page, as otherwise you will confuse the booking process and it will be incomplete. Check your booking before proceeding to make sure you have completed everything and selected your desired session. If you make a mistake, such as selecting the wrong time or date, just drop me an email via the contact page and let me know – I can fix it up from this end. When you reach the Paypal page, you can select Paypal to pay for your session, or you can scroll down the page and select the option to pay by Debit or Credit card.

Booking Confirmation

Once your booking is registered, a confirmation email will be sent to you. If attending in person, the Face-to-Face link will give you location and parking details. For telephone sessions, I will phone you at the appointment time (within Australia only). And for Zoom, I will email you the link prior to your session. Zoom is very simple. But if you are unfamiliar with it, check the link beforehand by logging in and then out to ensure that you have access from your location. This avoids wasting precious time at your session.

Consent Form for Phone or Zoom Sessions

Confidentiality agreements are mandatory for registered therapists. For face-to-face appointments, you sign this at your session. If you have chosen phone or Zoom, I will email you a copy of the form prior to your session. It will be necessary for you to sign this and return it before your session can take place.

Important for phone or Zoom sessions: as confidentiality is ethically and legally required, you need to
make sure that you are in a private environment when you take your session. Just as you would be in a private,
confidential setting during a face-to-face session, you likewise need to ensure privacy in your on-line session.


Due to large overheads, administration costs and low fees, refunds are not normally given. Where possible, sessions are rescheduled. If you have extenuating circumstances, get in touch and your situation will be considered compassionately.

For more information, don’t hesitate to call me on 0409 191 342. If I am busy when you call, I will return your call as soon as possible. Please leave your telephone number and a brief message. I look forward to working with you.

Discount Codes

If booking 2, 3 or 4 sessions in a single booking, enter the following codes in the section marked ‘Coupon code (optional)’ near the end of the booking form:

If booking for 2 sessions, whether Individual or Couple: 2-Sessions      (discount on total cost: $10)
If booking for 3 sessions, whether Individual or Couple: 3-Sessions      (discount on total cost: $25)
If booking for 4 sessions, whether Individual or Couple: 4-Sessions      (discount on total cost: $40)

Appointments Booking Calendar


Coupon code (optional):



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