Booking Information

If this is the first time you have attended counselling with Radiance Hobart Counselling & Self-Development, the following booking information will assist you.

Counselling is available on Tuesday and Thursday mornings, and Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday afternoons. You can see the available session times on the Appointments Booking Calendar. If you are unable to attend on the days and times listed, please telephone me and I will find a time that suits.

You can attend your counselling session by Face to Face, Phone or Skype. Check these links out for more information.

If you are looking for Counselling Supervision, please also check this link to find out how to set this up.

Practice Location

The practice is located at Unit 1, 5 Montgomery Court, Sandy Bay, Tasmania. See Face to Face Counselling for more information about the venue.

How to Book

Bookings can be made by telephoning 0409 191 342, sending an email through the Contact page, or via the on-line Appointments Booking Calendar. Booking ahead via the calendar ensures your chosen session and saves time at the session dealing with the payment.

The calendar accepts bookings from 2-3 days ahead. If you need a booking in less than that, please phone me. I will slot in a time for you if possible.

Counselling Sessions

Counselling sessions are 50-minutes for individuals and 60-minutes for couples. Extended sessions of 80-minutes for Individuals and 90-minutes for Couples are also available, providing the subsequent session is free. You will check this out by looking at the calendar. Session length refers to the time spent with the client. In addition, 20-30 minutes is also spent on each client by preparing for the session, completing notes afterwards, logging sessions and other administrative tasks.

To know more, see also About Counselling and Your First Session.

Counselling Fees

Individual F-F, Phone, Skype

Counselling, Coaching, Enneagram or Mindfulness 50-minutes              $75
Concession for any of the above 50-minutes                                            $70
Extended session 80-minutes                                                                      $120
Concession Extended session 80-minutes                                                 $110

Couples Sessions

Counselling, Enneagram, or Mindfulness training 60-minutes                  $85
Concession fee for any of the above 60 minutes                                        $80
Extended session 90-minutes                                                                        $130
Concession Extended Session 90-minutes                                                  $120

Counselling Supervision

Counselling Supervision 50-minutes                                                             $75
Counselling Supervision first 12-months 50-minutes                                  $70


(Clients sometimes request an extended session. This can be useful for a first appointment or when you have complex issues)

If claiming the concession discount, please bring your concession card with you to your first session. Your next step is to go to the Appointments Booking Calendar. I look forward to meeting and working with you.

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