Conflict Resolution is something many people need at times. When relationships flounder, it’s difficult to reach understanding. Emotions flare up and feelings get in the way. It’s then difficult, if not impossible to stay cool or reach agreement. Discussing things with a neutral person can help to calm the waters and sort things out.

Conflict Resolution

Conflict Resolution aims to solve disputes. A mediator or third party discusses the disputed area with the parties involved. Depending on their training and experience, mediators have different areas of expertise, such in legal matters, families and children, workplace disputes or relationship problems. It’s important to get the right kind of mediator for your circumstances. For couples with problems, Couples Counselling is appropriate.

Mediators meets the disagreeing parties and listen to each person’s side of the story. They don’t take sides. Mediators want to help both parties equally. They stay neutral, showing no bias or favour. But if there is unfairness or a power imbalance, they are likely to point it out. They want each person to understand the other more.

See also downloadable PDF: About Conflict Resolution 2019

Mediators may speak to each party individually to get the full picture. With a starting point, they work to bridge the gap between both parties. If you have an interpersonal or relationship problem, contact us for more information or to book an appointment.

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